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Perhaps if you're a beauty fanatic like I am or you may have just noticed in-stores and online, there's a new trend with beauty products and skincare as of late...fun and nostalgic items that bring you back! Disney has DEF jumped on this band-wagon realizing that adults like fun too...it's boring to have the same look, feel, and packaging! The change of pace is something that I've been enjoying myself, and I have tried to be on the lookout and score great finds to share with all of you as well :) 

There are quite a few cosmetic and skincare brands and companies that have partnered with Disney for example, to create some super CUTE AND affordable items. Some of them have also been fairly pricey, which I wanted to avoid if at all possible- I can easily spend quite a bit on makeup and skincare products every month and that makes these items NOT necessarily "must-haves". For that reason, I decided that since these were mostly for "fun" I would make my aim to choose things that were also affordable as well ;)


London SOHO New York has teamed up with Walgreen's- yes you read right...the "corner drugstore" is where you can score some of the cutest AND affordable Disney-themed skincare and beauty products! I was actually shocked myself, as I've seen some lux brands with high prices delve out some pretty cute Disney beauty items and I didn't expect the great quality and price that I ended up getting with these from London SOHO New York! There's not a single item that I'm reviewing below that's over $12.99 which makes these a CUTE STEAL :) Check out what items I snagged:




what I'm reviewing:

1. SOHO Disney belle enchanted eyes brush set [3-piece] $12.99*

This was my FAV item- I LOVE brush sets and this one from SOHO was fantastic for the price! The 3 brushes included- the flat angled liner, medium smokey fluff, and large smokey fluff allows for a decent variety eye set. The handles are a little on the light-weighted side, but the nylon-fiber bristles were fairly decent for being synthetic. If you are looking for well-weighted, wooden handles then these brushes may not be what you're looking for. However, they are still a great set for the price and also would make a great gift for a woman of any age! I will admit I might be a little partial to these brushes due to the absolute darling look of the set, but having decent quality IS something that should be noted! There are times when an item may be super cute, but just not deliver any results or ends up not being as advertised. 



2. SOHO Disney spellbound beauty sponge $9.99*

Although this item in particular wasn't my top product out of this score, it is probably the BEST item! Why?! Beauty Blender might just have met their match finally! I've tried a LOT of the knock-off's and decent attempts and this blending sponge from SOHO hit the mark as close as I've run across! The secret in this sponge is in the design as there are perfectly tapered corners at both ends that work some fairly decent magic on those hard-to-reach areas like the inner-most corners of your eyes. The feel and quality is there as well and quite comparable to the top one out there AND it's HALF of the price :) There's a small tray inside of the container too that will allow your sponge to dry out well and easily too, so they did seem to think of all the important points plus what a lot of the others miss- the poss to get into harder to reach areas! If you want to get the air-brushed look and finish with your makeup, this is the way to go for an affordable price as well.


3. SOHO DISNey belle round train case $11.99*

Looks may be a little deceiving on this one, BUT in a GOOD way! It actually looks a bit smaller as pictured, however the room is fairly decent. Inside, there's room for a good-sized makeup haul and plenty of spots to hold smaller items along the inside rim too. An inside pocket is attached to the inside front, which allows for more item storage :) The zipper is one that meets in the middle, with two total zipper handles, making it close quite easily. it's very lightweight, sewn well, and is lightly lined. It would make the perfect gift for any age and could serve as a fantastic travel/on-the-go bag. Plus, it's just beyond CUTE :)



4. ~extra beauty item~ schwarzkopt got2b beach trippin salt infusing waving spray *mermaid-wavy* $5.99

 *walgreens.com pricing!

Aqua (Water) , PEG-8 , Sodium Chloride , Magnesium Sulfate , VP , VA Copolymer , PVP , Phenoxyethanol , PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil , Lactic Acid , Methylisothiazolinone , Fragrance


I got this as a little "extra" item for the summer and I was super glad I gave this one a chance. It's one of the best waving sprays of its kind that I've run into that's also under $6. With a price like that, it's def a product to consider. With the help of natural salt, you can easily build this spray by lightly misting and scrunching up your hair in sections as you go. The results are fantastic once your are done, but it does take a bit of time. The best look can be achieved by blow drying your hair while scrunching, although for me personally it was the other way around! If I used this product on dried or slightly damp hair with nothing else, I was able to get a great wavy look. I do have super thick and coarse hair however, which is why for most people it may work better to use some sort of  heat styling like a curling iron or blow dryer. I really LOVED the smell too, which is usually something that can make or break a hair care product for me- this product from Schwarzkopt has a wonderful scent!

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