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It comes from a flowering plant called the Camellia and it's native to eastern and southern Asia, as well as part of Japan and Indonesia. There are about 250 species of the plant, although there's some debate on the exact number. Camellia sinensis or the tea plant, is used in the production of tea through use of its leaves; Tea oil however, is created through "pressing" the seeds of the C. oleifera and C. japonica plants. This can all seem a bit confusing, but the products do not all come from the same plant {just family} or methods.

The C. japonica oil which is also known as Japanese tea oil for example, doesn't produce tea leaves at all- the reddish flowering plant produces tsubaki oil and it's normally utilized in cosmetic and skincare products. C. oleifera oil [ tea oil/Camellia oil] on the other hand, is "cold-pressed" and comes specifically from the oleifera variety of the Camellia plant. The C. oleifera plant offers quite a few therapeutic benefits in regards to skincare, nutrition, and overall well-being.

what benefits does camellia oil provide for skin?

1. fights microbes with anti-fungal power!

 Fluorescent microscopic image w/human hair shaft- surrounded by  BACTERIA [purple] & FUNGI [blue] -

 Fluorescent microscopic image w/human hair shaft- surrounded by BACTERIA [purple] & FUNGI [blue] -


2. brings anti-aging damage to its knees with antioxidant properties :)

3. reduces inflammation the natural way.

4. organic astringent qualities diminishes SCARS AND SKIN ABRASIONS!

5. protect and replenish skin's moisture, as they have in ancient japan for centuries :)  

bonus product review:

beauty 100% pure camellia oil $9.95*

* pricing!


This is a VERY affordable and natural alternative to a lot of the moisturizers out there on the market today that are full of unhealthy ingredients! One thing I liked about this product from Beauty Oils.Co in particular, was that it seemed to be made a great quality for the price AND it's full of nothing but pure cold-pressed Camellia Seed oil which means it's also scent-free, preservative-free, and cruelty free!

At a 2 fl. ounce size you are getting a good amount as well and since you really only need a couple of drops for either moisturizing your skin or scalp, this size should last quite a while. I also have been using this product for a leave-in hair conditioner and it works fabulously :) Since there's no color or perfumes, there's no staining or annoyance or irritation either. It will dry in about 1-2 minutes once on the skin, however it does take about 5-10 minutes total for the oil for fully absorb into my skin.

For this reason, I would try to utilize the product when either you are first getting out of the shower/bath or when you are going to bed/getting up for the day- this way you will be ready to go with the rest of your skincare routine by the time it's fully absorbed. If you have super sensitive skin, are looking for a good and affordable moisturizer, or have acne-prone skin I would highly recommend this product. I have all of the previously mentioned issues, and I use this product daily and have LOVED how well it's provided all day, natural moisturizing protection! 

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