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I have become much more open-minded about things in general these days and perhaps that's due in part to me becoming a mother, going back to college, and a full-time supervisor in the IT Networking world! Adding all of those things to my plate has definitely posed its challenges, but now that I look back it's quite difficult to see it any other way :)

It's taught me to manage my time, money, and life in general in a more positive manner as a result- I'm more forgiving and open to different ideas. This thought process didn't stop with those things though and as I began looking at different parts of my life that I could be more open to, I saw a fantastic opportunity with my beauty and skincare routine. Why not try some new products, trends, and tools to see for myself if they're all that is promised! :) 

With my new approach on being open-minded to new beauty ideas, I ran across a tool that seemed to bring up a new approach to preventing and even eliminating the dreaded signs of aging! I know that we can't really turn back the hands of time and it's difficult to pin a "magic fix" on just one product, however there are things out there that can DEF help :0 I don't mind that I'm going to age, as it's a part of life that we all must take part in, but if there is a product or treatment out there than can aid in preventing or even reducing the signs of aging it's at least worth a look!



the story on facial smoothies:

Cindy Barrett founded Facial Smoothies when she decided that Botox just wasn't the option for her. She started searching for cheaper and safer alternatives that also didn't cause skin irritation. This turned out to be a challenge though as there really wasn't a product out on the market that met those expectations :0 Cindy did discover that tape did seem to work in a way, but it caused skin irritation in turn that made it not worth it! Tape didn't do the job either as it wasn't really the right fit for her wrinkles and face.

Cindy created her own product after years of research and experimentation and that's how Facial Smoothies came to be :) One thing that really stood out to me about Cindy Barrett was that she wears the product herself and she looks fantastic on top of it- she's literally physical proof that her product DOES work...which is why I'm going to share my experience too! I was given the awesome opportunity to try Facial Smoothies for myself and I wanted to share with all of you how it's gone thus far and what my thoughts were on the product :)

beauty product review:

facial smoothies wrinkle removal strips $15.95*

* site pricing!

*For 1 Box/ 2 Boxes for $29.90/3 Boxes for $42.85/4 Boxes for $56.80

I was beyond excited to give these a try, as it's a product that doesn't require a lot of money, effort, or harmful ingredients to get right to work! The promise was that you would notice a difference after just a short time with your first usage and that's exactly what I ended up getting- superb results! I could immediately see how much smoother my skin was and where the places where I am starting to see my smile lines for example, starting to creep up- I could definitely tell how less defined they were.

Facial Smoothies does a great job of providing an almost instant and noticeable difference in your facial lines and wrinkles! The finer and smaller lines are a cinch to get as well with the wide variety of shapes and sizes that come in one box. I was super shocked by how effective they turned out to be and now I make them part of my weekly beauty routine as a result :) You can choose to leave them on all night if you wish, but there's the suggestion that 20 minutes is ok to start with. As I have sensitive skin and this product does contain an adhesive, I chose to go with the 20 minute time-frame for 3 times a week.

You could however use it more often and leave them on longer if you wanted to and I don't think they would cause skin irritation even at that point. Although the product does have adhesive, it's specifically designed for your delicate facial skin- plus they're hypoallergenic. I didn't notice any irritation with usage thus far, and I have used them several times by now :) They do NOT contain any other ingredients except for the adhesive and that means what you see is all that is there and no hidden harmful stuff instead!

I would recommend as the directions advise, to leave up the corners just slightly on each strip: this is to ensure that you can avoid getting "marks" temporarily left on your skin where the strip ends. As for removing them, they are very easily taken off- I had no problems getting them on and off again. They can be reused, which is why the instructions do tell you to make sure your face is cleansed before application; this prevents the strips from losing their tackiness and actually working.

Overall, I was pleasantly pleased with the results of the product and DEF recommend giving this one a try. This product is perfect for all skin types and even younger skin- it's not detrimental to prevent the signs of aging OR eliminate them either :) Facial Smoothies is an excellent alternative to much costlier and riskier treatments and products that may not even deliver the same results! 

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