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There are reasons why I've noticed that my breakouts are occurring, but this wasn't something that I unfortunately picked up on right away. It may seem obvious, but many of us may not think about the correlation between out breakouts and things like stress, hormones, medications, environment, and even what we put in our bodies or consume!

These factors can all make for a tough ride on our skin :/ For me, the recent triggers have been a job transition and starting school again- my stress level has gone considerably up and my skin had definitely struggled with breakouts and acne as a result! That's why I started taking some new approaches to my well-being and skincare routine too. 

ZSS Skincare has taken the same approach- they want to tackle the problem of acne from the inside out- not just with traditional methods such as products like serums, masks, and creams that don't go deep enough in the skin to actually promote healthy looking and feeling skin! Their approach is a scientifically produced supplements and products specifically designed to address the age old issues of acne AND aging by addressing the root causes. 

some background on zss skincare

The company is actually a spin-off organization from ZeaVision Holdings,Inc. which is the maker of the EyePromise line of supplements. EyePromise and ZSS were both founded by Dr. Dennis Gierhart,Ph.D., and he's spent over 20 yrs. researching the product's key ingredient- Zeaxanthin. {Don't worry- I'll DEF explain what Zeaxanthin is in more detail in a bit!} Since 2004, Dr. Gierhart has funded numerous studies to confirm the wonderful benefits to skin that Zeaxanthin has to offer and in 2012 he decided that he wanted to create a product that would do just that-contribute to skin health.

The doctor teamed up with nutricosmetic specialist Paula Simpson and skincare expert Dan Fryda to combine Zeaxanthin with other awesome ingredients that worked in tandem to create the ZSS Methods: Method No.1 Radiant Skin & Method No.2 Clear Skin. ZSS also continues to research and development of its products to ensure their ongoing mission to create effective products based on real science. 

what is zeaxanthin?!?

I had no idea, I'll admit I was fairly clueless when it came to this one. I've heard of it before and noticed it in a few products and items here and there, but other than that I didn't know that much. What I learned was surprising- it's one of the most common alcohols found in nature and is synthesized by plants. Take for example paprika that's made from bell peppers, corn, and wolfberries- these all are given their pigmentation by Zeaxanthin.

The highest quantities of Zeaxanthin can be found in the leaves of most green plants, where it plays an important role in photosynthesis. Two primary types of Zeaxanthin can be found in the retina of the eye, which is why Zeaxanthin are often taken as a supplement for eye health. When it comes to the skin, this supplement has a great things to offer- improved moisturization, elasticity, lipid content, and a reduction the signs of sun damage. 

what i think so far...

method no.2 zss skin system $160:

I was impressed with this product for the beginning- I absolutely LOVED the way it arrived with thoughtful packing the the products themselves were also introduced nicely. The box contains your entire 30 day supply of supplements so you're all ready to go when it arrives as they're also pre-packaged into tiny little packets for each day! The serum is included in the box as well and there's even a small place specifically for it inside the box. I liked that there was extra thought taken to the supplements which were individually packaged and put by each week in it's own section inside the box.

Everything is very well organized and makes it cinch as a result! I'm on my 2nd week so far with using both the supplements and the serum and I've already started to see a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. I have managed not to have a breakout thus far either since starting the treatment, which is definitely not very common for me. Once I've managed to complete my first 30 days of treatment, I'll make sure to share pics and what my results were too :) I really like the supplements that were chosen: there are 2 vitamin D3 and fish oil softgels, 1 Probiotic capsule, and 1 Zinc & Turmeric capsule per package.

They are easy to swallow and take, especially with how well they are organized! The serum is really my FAV thus far of the system, as it it seems different than many I've tried in the past- there's an slightly brightish orange tint to the serum and it only takes on small pump of the bottle to get out what you need for application. Zeaxanthin, Algae Extract and Hexapeptide-11 are prime components of the formula, which is why I think this Nutri-Serum really sets itself apart. The honeysuckle flower extract gives the product a nice light and clean scent, which was another factor that I really enjoyed about it. It dries quickly, in about 2 minutes and shouldn't cause any issues even if you have sensitive skin as I do.

I've had no irritation thus far with the Nutri-Serum or ZSS Supplements and I usually have ultra-sensitive skin. I chose this system since I DO have quite a bit of issues with breakouts and acne, however there is another System No. 1 that is designed in mind for those who would like to treat and prevent the signs of aging too. At this point, I'm beyond thrilled with the system and I can't wait to show my "before and after" photos and review! I've been pleased with the results so far, and would DEF recommend this kit to anyone who struggles with acne issues, overall skin health, and wants to prevent the dreaded signs of aging!

The ONLY drawback I've found with the ZSS Skin System No.2 is the pricing- it's a little bit in the higher price point that myself or many of us out there might feel comfortable with. However, I'm also a firm believer that if something works and really does improve our well-being, then it's something to consider. If I continue to see the results I've had for the past couple of weeks, I'd be very willing to dish out the $$$ on a continual basis. As a fighter of acne for many years, I'm more than ready to find a real solution that has actual science backing it up!

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