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It really does seem as though this summer by went entirely too fast and with August fast approaching, I know that getting ready to go back to school is on the horizon! My teenage step-son will be entering high school this year and I don't even know if I'm ready [lol!] but, he's taking a huge milestone that will be filled with fun memories and I'm excited for him :) My fiance is working on his Master's and I my B.A. in communications-we will both be taking our last 2 semesters to wrap up each of our degrees too!

With everyone in the household going back to school, it's quite easy to get wrapped up in trying to ensure that things are ready to go for that first day. It also means that it's a little bit more difficult to find time to relax and as for scoring new beauty products or "splurges", it's at the bottom of my list of must-need items :/ Things such as the kiddo's clothes, back-to-school supplies, haircut and more come first;  if I have anything left after everything else is purchased, then I might spend a bit on myself for skincare and cosmetics that I've been craving for the Fall/Winter seasons ;)

Since we've all started going back to school at the same time a few years ago, I began to get creative when looking for my coveted beauty items. Sales and promo codes are a GREAT place to start- if you go to the right places at the right times, you can manage to score some pretty great finds for decent prices :) I LOVE Sephora.com, ULTA.com, Beauty.com and even places like Amazon.com! They all have constant online sales and deals along with great bonuses like FREE samples to web purchasers only- plus stores like Sephora allow both online and in-store purchases to be counted towards their rewards program and that allows for you to score even more FREE items and discounts throughout the year. Move up levels and the discounts and freebies get even better!

As for PROMO codes, those are fairly easy to find as well; I stick with sites like RetailMeNot.com , Promocodes.com, Fatwallet.com and Brad's Deals. These sites are great at giving site-only exclusive codes and you can see if others have tried them out and what their comments are on the promo code too! Fatwallet has a LOT of great offers for cashback when using certain payment methods or deals and I've found quite a few good offers for printable and online/promo codes at Brad's Deals as well.

That's  also why I wanted to share with all of you today a great find that I managed to come across recently that's affordable and fun! The new Whish body collections are great for bringing you back to the cool moments in the summer- while you were taking a nice sip of cold, refreshing soda! I DEF miss that feeling with the start of the school year, so I loved the idea of these products immediately :) Check out my verdict below:





I'm VERY picky about moisturizer in general, which means that I have fairly high standards when it comes to what I choose to moisturize my body with! After all, this is one of the MOST important products AND steps in one's skincare routine and it's VERY crucial to make sure that you're using the right product too.

I'm not big normally on "cutesy" smells and names, but these products from Whish really caught my eye right off the bat! They aren't full of bad-for-you ingredients and instead, are composed of natural, good-for-you formulas that your skin will thank you for! This Body Butter is made with organic: shea butter, raspberry butter, aloe, seaweed extract, & even rice bran oil!

 The 16 oz. generous pump-handled bottle makes this item a great buy and excellent for an affordable gift for a woman of any age or skin-type. Even though it's scented, I absolutely LOVE the scent and it didn't seem to bother me or irritate my skin at all. I'd recommend this product to anyone :)



I've tried quite a few moisturizers and body lotions out there, but I actually enjoyed  this one right from the first use! I also got the chance to try out Orange Cream and Ginger Melon, but Key Lime was my FAV "flavor" :)

The scent is very reminiscent of Key Lime pie and summer all wrapped into one product and it won't leave your skin feeling greasy. In fact, I noticed this to be a nice alternative to the usual scented moisturizers I've gotten in the past. A lot of lotions that are scented can leave a film or greasy feeling or an overpowering scent that lingers in an unpleasant way, however this moisturizer from Whish didn't do that at all!

Plus, it's affordable like the entire collection which means you can get more than one flavor- for yourself and for a girlfriend or family member ;) If you're seeking a decent moisturizer that's fun and won't break the bank- this is the item for you!


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