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I'm always on the hunt for great deals and bargains- especially when the back-to-school time draws near! Since I've gone back to school too, as well as my fiance- it's become a challenge to get everyone's needs AND wants on their list. With a little more creativity and ingenuity, I've been able to overcome those challenges by learning to scout out online sales either super early or right after back-to-school sales are actually over- to score fantastic steals :)

Then there are the great sites that provide deals with promo codes and special promotions as well! It's nice to locate great deals on products that you may not necessarily need for back-to-school...BUT you might want the perfect scent, seasonal eye shadow, or other beauty products. When this special deal basically fell into my lap, I couldn't help but share with all of you what a great steal I'd found :) What deal am I talking about?! Check it out below:

Product Code:   SW101

Product Code: SW101


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There are a LOT of teeth whitening kits out there and to be honest, I've never really been into even trying out all that many of them :/ For starters, there can be many products, sets, and kits out there that DO whiten your teeth, but they can do that in a very harmful manner that may end up costing you more money AND harm to your teeth as well!  Then there's the vast market out there that has put out so many products that are either expensive, not effective, hurt your teeth and gums, or are just made with cheap ingredients. It seems that the teeth whitening approaches I've tried thus far have fit that bill, and I haven't been all that too impressed.

I am however, an open-minded individual and have realized in recent years that you must give some things a "2nd try" and sometimes even more than that- once they've had a chance to improve the product or create something that's truly effective, in its place. Teeth whitening kits are one of those instances for me in which I realize that there have been quite a few improvements, new ideas, and focuses out there since I've last ventured out into that world. Over the past few years, I've left this skill up to my dentist- but I'd decided that maybe it was time to give the at-home-whitening kit a try again.

That's when I came across this kit by Sparkle White- the Professional Teeth Whitening Kit. You can find this great kit at whitewithstyle.com and normally it's just under $270, BUT I've got a special PROMO CODE below that will let you get this product for ONLY $28...yeah! :) I'm sure you're wondering by now why you might even want this kit as there are so many of them out there and I've got some good news to report- after trying out this kit personally I can say that scoring this kit for under $30 is a VERY good STEAL :o

Firstly, I was impressed with the contents of what's included- it rivals many professional teeth whitening kits that I've seen out there currently at twice the price! Each kit contains: 10 treatments, with a set of custom trays, the mini blue light utilized to activate the gel [batteries included], a shade guide, syringe{10cc} of 16% HP gel/treatment, and a pack of Vitamin E Swabs! The formula is also sensitivity free, made in the US in an FDA registered facility , 99% Kosher, BPA Free, cruelty free, AND Vegan & Gluten Free- which really helps it stand apart! There are in fact only 7 ingredients in total: Propylene Glycol, Kosher Glycerine, Carbamide Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbomer, Peppermint Essential Oil, and Triethanolamine.

After doing some research, I could easily determine that the couple of ingredients that I was not exactly certain what they were, were identifiable by the FDA as being safe for humans to use and okay to be contained in the formula. That's become something more recently that I've been made more aware of- what is actually contained in our health and beauty products...is it safe?- or harmful?! Sparkle White seemed to keep this focus in mind when creating this kit in making something that IS effective and also as close as you can possibly get to whitening your teeth, while being formulated with safe ingredients.

That really impressed me as I don't think I've run across or tried a teeth whitening kit that "hit all the marks" for me! :) The set of custom trays are super easy to set up- you can use about 4-6 inches of water as the instructions that are included suggest and boil this, removing from heat and allowing it to cool for about 6 minutes. After setting the trays one by one into the warm water for a few seconds, you place them inside your mouth and gently press down-while creating a type of suction between the tray and your teeth. You can also go around each tray while it is on your upper and lower set of teeth and press by each tooth to ensure that it does feel as though it's molding properly and after around 15 seconds, you can take them out of your mouth.

Allow each [upper & lower] tray to set in a cup of cold water for about 12-15 seconds to "set" the mold and then you can utilize scissors to cut away any excess material around the mold that might cause gum irritation. This was really the only part of the process that took any time, as the whitening portion itself takes 30 minutes of mostly sitting with the trays inside your mouth. Once the trays are ready to go, you can place about .5 cc of product/gel in each tray [use a dot and do NOT overload the trays]; gently press each tray around your teeth while wiping any excess amount coming onto your gums. You can utilize the Vitamin E sticks that come with the kit in order to do this step too, which makes getting off any excess product that may creep around the tray and irritate your gums, a fairly easy feat!

After about 30 minutes, you can remove both trays and rinse out your mouth as well as the trays [with lukewarm water- store in a cool,dry place]. The entire process is very easy to figure out with simple directions that are also provided with the kit and once you make your molds, future applications are even easier and quicker as you won't have to "set" the mold :) I was a little anxious that I might have some tooth sensitivity with my teeth and gums after using the kit, but I didn't have any issues at all :0 This was probably the most surprising part of all, as most attempts I've made in the past caused quite a bit of sensitivity!

I was able to drink my coffee and enjoy the day normally, even right after utilizing the kit. I WILL be providing some wonderful pics in the upcoming weeks, as there are 10 treatments that I'll be completing and documenting my progress to show what an improvement the kit has really made! Just after the first usage, there seem to be years of stains lifted off of my teeth and I have a good feeling those results are going to continue. With the provided shade guide that also comes in the kit, it will be a cinch just to see how well the progress is! PLUS- I'd like to share the pics with all of you in the near future AND get your thoughts on the results... let me know what YOU think! ;)

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