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I seemed to have gotten that look down pretty well myself these days- with a family, a full-time job, school, and my blog there just isn't much time to much else! I've started to notice more lately that I do indeed look that tired ... so it seems that it really DOES show when you get a regular lack of sleep :/ I've ramped up my skincare routine and started utilizing more products that contain natural and organic ingredients, but there are some days that it just seems difficult to look like I've even had 15 minutes of rest :0 There are however a few things I've learned that you can do to prevent this from happening all together AND there's a product actually out there that may even solve those issues for you IF you're not able to prevent "the tired look" on your own! Make sure to check at my review at the end of this post to see what my thoughts were on the product ;)

5 easy steps to send those dark under eye circles packing:

1. get plenty of rest!!!- this may seem like a super obvious one and take it from someone who hasn't been on the receiving end of much sleep as of late...this will def effect your skin-especially around your eyes = you'll look tired!

2. drink lots of water :) keeping well-hydrated works wonders for how well-rested you will look and skin will be plump and healthier. {try avoiding rt. before bedtime though= contributes towards bags underneath the eyes.


3. a week before your period, curb off the hormonal-induced dark circles created during pms, with natural diuretics like green tea- while also eliminating carbs out of your diet as well! this drastically makes a difference in puffiness too :)


4. ensure you're eating veggies & fruits regularly as a b12 deficiency can cause dark circles and reducing your intake of salt will help reduce puffiness as salt causes the body to retain water and blood vessels under the skin appear bluer as well!

5. make sure you are wearing sunglasses- even on cloudy days, as the sun 's harmful rays will cause discoloration and melanin changes around the eyes :(


bonus skincare product review:

christie brinkley skincare closeup instant wrinkle reducer and treatment $79.95

I'm really skeptical when it comes to these types of products- it's one thing to promise that you can do something, but it's an entirely different realm when looking at if it actually works :0 I've seen a LOT of them out on the market lately with various claims that you can instantly look younger and rejuvenated,yet most of the time these products, gadgets, and often gimmicks fall quite short!

I did want to give this one the opportunity to prove me wrong though. Close Up is a product in the Christie Brinkely Skincare line and as she's in my opinion one the more beautiful women in the world! She's also managed to remain so, even in her 60's and that definitely does seem to mean that she understands how to take care of her skin and her body. 

Closeup is unique in that it's not only an instant-wrinkle reducer + bag eliminator + dark circle banisher, but it's a treatment too! The formulas is composed of Neodermyl, a new source of energy used to recharge the skin- in addition to Copper, that plays an important role in collagen production and fibroblasts re-energizing. The immediate effects of the product are a result of a polymer matrix that creates a tightening effect on the skin! This film was developed from an edible film already utilized in the food industry and is made from polymers, which allows for a reduction in the roughness look of your skin. 

Does it work?!? The answer is a DEF YES :) It worked the first time I used the product and I saw an immediate difference...and I was really surprised how smooth my undereye area felt after application! The film is created as the product dries in about 2 minutes after putting it on. I used a small, pea-sized amount under each eye and then patted my moist Beauty Blender sponge right afterwards to smooth out the product evenly . 

What's really great about Close Up is what happens after you put in on- there's no mess and you can easily wear moisturizer and other products- including your makeup right on top of it and there's no effect of either :0 The formula doesn't break down like many similar products I've tried out before and unlike the others, it doesn't change how your makeup goes on. If anything, this product made it even easier to apply my concealer and makeup, while I also found that I had to put less of it on too! I didn't need near as much when using this product underneath- it seemed to do wonders. 

I'd recommend this to anyone with any skin type or tone- even if you have super sensitive skin as I do. I didn't have any skin irritation and it worked immediately. It's also helped my overall smoothness underneath my eyes, even when I'm not actually wearing it. The treatment has made a difference as well! The slight drawback is that Close Up is just under $80 and that puts it a higher price-point that some may want to pay. However, I can say that the product is very effective and makes quite a difference so I'd consider it to be worth the price. 

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