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It's easy to get caught up in all of the skincare systems they have out there these days and there are quite a few of them! I've tried many of them to see just what they were really about and I've often found that although many of them have the right idea or a 1 or 2 of the products out of the kit are good, yet they just seem to fall a little short :/ Then of course there are those that are just expensive, full of bad and harmful ingredients, or don't really work at all!

A couple of the kits I've tried were super expensive too and that doesn't help all that much when having to buy on a regular basis from daily usage. Have you ever found what you thought was a great skincare kit?- only to realize that it was beyond complicated and didn't bring results or DO what it promised?!

I've seen this more often than not and felt in the end that the brand was ultimately just trying make some money :0 I have another issue that sometimes poses problems when searching for a new skincare kit: acne and breakouts! It seems that as I got older, they became more frequent and it's been a struggle for me in recent years.

With some lifestyle and beauty regimen changes though, I've managed to improve on this issue greatly- but it does still pose a occasional issue with things like switching skincare routines! Luckily, I was able to score a chance to try out a great kit for clearer skin that not only seemed to promise that it could deliver results, but I could tell from the moment that it arrived it was different...check out the lowdown below:

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The skincare and beauty company was developed by Envy Medical Inc or ENVY and their roots come from the dermatology and aesthetic skincare industries. Their products are created by and for professionals in the medical world and in turn, are clinically-proven and well-tested. Their main goal is to offer products that are truly effective, non-invasive therapies that rejuvenate the skin and also have dermatologic & aesthetic conditions in mind. 

To Reach them:
Phone: 888-848-3633

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*Get a 2-month supply at $24.95 + $2.50 S&H per month, billed monthly! You CAN cancel at any time however AND they offer a 60 day $ back guarantee. 


I really liked this kit right from the box itself and that gave me all the right ques that I was looking at a good product :) The product arrives well-packed and comes inside another neatly packed box as well; this box contains my 3 products that came in the kit + the bonus Konjac sponge. There are little compartments for each product so that you can keep it for storage if you like. The products in my kit {and the one priced above} are: the Deep Pore Cleanser, Clarifying Serum, Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads, and bonus Konjac Sponge. I really like the decently-sized sponge which makes it super easy to utilize the Deep Pore Cleanser with almost no issues at all. I will however advise that you do NOT need as much of the cleanser as you might think and I do believe that I might have used a little too much of the product the first time I tried it out! Because the Konjac does such an excellent job of foaming up the cleanser, you don't have to apply much onto the sponge to get a great cleanse. The smell is great- especially for an acne formulated product and I loved how soft and really clean my skin actually felt right after I used the cleanser for the first time. Now to the Clarifying Serum: it's my FAV out of the entire kit!!! It really does work and I saw an immediate improvement after the just one application and night. You can follow with the Skin Clarifying Acne Pads, as step "3" in the process and you will LOVE these acne pads! They are super soft and an absolute dream to use- most I've tried in the past are annoying and scatchy and you just wish you hadn't used them at all as a result. They aren't drying either like many acne pads can often be too and that made this kit a keeper for me ;) The pads are intended to boost the efficacy of the other 2 product in the system and they really do make a difference! With continued usage of this kit, I've seen my acne clear up and breakouts go away- I've been very pleased with the results! I would recommend this kit to anyone that has skincare difficulties or struggling to find the right beauty routine: this is the kit for you and it has it ALL at the right price as well :) This Clear Skin Formula collection is designed specifically for adult acne, although I feel that it would bee good for any age or skin type. 


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