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I'd actually heard the term on occasion, when looking at some skincare brands and products..but I didn't really know what it all meant. After doing a little investigating, I learned that nutraceutical is a coined term from 1989 by Stephen DeFelice and it's derived from the words nutrition and pharmaceutical. DeFelice founded the Foundation of Innovation of Medicine and received his M.D. from Jefferson Medical College in PA. The term nutraceutical is normally applied to quite a variety of products such as: dietary supplements, nutrients, processed foods/specific diets, and herbal products.

The differences do however lie in where nutraceuticals are sold; for instance in Canada,  a nutraceutical may be marketed as both a food or drug, with the term itself having no jurisdiction. As for in the US, "nutraceutical" has no meaning in terms of US law and depends on the claims and ingredients to which the product is marketed. They can be regulated in the US as dietary supplements, drugs, food/food ingredients.

On the global scale, product qualities have often come into question due to lack of regulation that ends up only causing safety and effectiveness issues! Historically, nutraceuticals were utilized by the Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, and Sumerians- there's even evidence that Hippocrates perhaps knew of these supplements: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food." The nutraceuticals that we see today began to develop as a market in Japap, back in the 1980's; this is where these nutrients were used for centuries as natural spices, herbs, and folk medicine.


If you find the right product with quality ingredients- a whole of GOOD ;) One of the prime components of most of these supplements, especially those designed for the skin- will contain awesome packed powerhouses full of things like: Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin A, C, D, & E, and even collagen!

When you take a different approach like from the "inside-out", you will get different- BETTER results :) Your skin will thank you with improvement in hydration, strength in hair, skin, & nails, and repairing of environmental damage. For me the verdict is in: I'm on board with this approach and what its all about!

I'm sure you're wondering by now if there's anything out there currently that I've tried or LOVE and I actually DO have a couple of fantastic items that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to give nutraceuticals a try or just want to be healthier and have your skin show that as well- then check out my review below:




[Super Fruit Punch] $19.99*

* pricing!

There are a LOT of supplements out there and I've given a few a go myself, but often times I really don't end up like them for two reasons: if they are a food product, the flavoring isn't that great- OR they aren't very effective, making much of a difference only in my pocketbook :o This item from Neocell is entirely different and you can tell that right away! They are individually packaged inside a resealable pouch that contains 60 pieces and you need 2 chews for the recommended daily amount.

The ease of use was something that I enjoyed right off the bat, but the flavor was what really had me surprised. For being something that's good for me I'd say that this is really more like a treat that anything else :) The fruity taste is right on par with a juicy fruit burst of flavor that you can enjoy through the last chew! I will advise though that if you do have dental work or any issues with your teeth or gums, to slowly chew or just suck on them until they soften; the reason being, is that the soft chews are similar to taffy and I had to be aware of my own dental work too.

As for drawbacks, this was the only one that I could find out of the product and it was something that I easily got a around by just sucking on them for a tad bit like a hard candy and then slowly chewing them up. I also didn't really mind since the taste of the product was so wonderful-  I even shared a couple with my fiance who also agree that the taste was fantastic!

I started seeing a difference after only a couple of days of using the product and my skin has continued to improve in appearance and softness AND I noticed that my face has been virtually clear of breakouts since starting to eat these daily! I'd recommend this product from NeoCell to anyone with any skin issues or concerns or those that just want to live healthier. The great part too about this item is that it's also under $20 and that's an affordable option to give your skin a healthy feeling and glow from the inside out :)



* pricing!

I'm normally not much of a fan when it comes to powdered drink options, but I had an idea this one was going to be a bit different and I wanted to give it an honest chance to see what it was all about! Beauty Infusion arrives packaged well as a sealed item with a resealable screw-on lid for easy use AND there's a scoop included so you can get the right amount of product with no issues :)

One scoop delivers: 6,000 MG of collagen type 1 & 3, 50 MG of hyaluronic acid, 3,000 MCG of biotin, and alpha lipoic acid- plus Vitamin C! There are 30 scoops or servings per container which makes this only a 30 day supply and that was the only downside to this product that I felt that I could even find. The taste was fantastic and just what you wouldn't expect for a healthy drink mix and more what you'd expect from a great-tasting fruity & refreshing cocktail.

It mixes well with water, but I also liked mixing it along with soda-water and other light fruit juices to make my own combos too. There was a noticeable difference in my skin's smoothness and softness after only a few servings- I've seen an improvement in my skin's elasticity as well! The pricing for this product is a little on the higher-end of the scale that what I usually pay for skincare supplements- unless they really make a big difference...and this item from NeoCell does just that :)

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