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  1. Start with a COOL bath or shower and make sure to keep it GENTLE = lukewarm water! Avoid things like soaps with lots of abrasives, detergents, or oils when you bathe and try going for a gentle streaming of water instead of a hard jet or blast of water too. These things will only cause skin MORE irritation and damage :/
  2. When wearing clothing, go for articles that are loose fitting and composed of soft materials like cotton that will allow your skin to "breathe"- scratchy fibers will cause more skin issues and discomfort!
  3. If your really feeling pain, you can try skipping the pain relievers and swap it for something like a good pain relief and healing cream like MyPainAway's After Burn Cream that's powered by Topricin [check out my review of the product below!]. You can reduce pain the natural way without going straight to the medicine cabinet while also reducing inflammation :)
  4. Stay well-hydrated and skip sodas and other drink that are high in sodium and sugar content; pass on the foods that are high in salt content too= these will only rob skin of moisture and prolong healing time. 
  5. Strapped for cash or just wanting a more natural approach?! Two cups of vinegar to bath water or an oatmeal compress is a super affordable option that you may just already have in your house already ;) A slice of a potato or cucumber can help aid in soothing and healing as well!

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There's a reason why Topricin has been providing pain relief products since 1994- there is real science behind what they do. Topical BioMedics, the formulators of Topricin [makers of MyPainAway], utilized a 10 year period of R&D before actually put out anything on the market! What I really liked about this product particularly, was that it didn't have an unpleasant smell AND it brought true relief to stressed areas of skin. MyPainAway if perfect for calming sunburned skin too and will bring an immediate cooling and calm that you will be surprised at the difference.

I also noticed that I didn't have to slather the product on either to get a decent calming effect and it lasted too. If you're seeking a good alternative to other pricier chemical-based ointments and lotions, this is an excellent choice :) It's super affordable at just under $20, with 3% of sales going to Burn Centers as well! I would highly recommend this item to ANY age or skin type due to it's homeopathic formula, affordability, and effectiveness.


4 OZ. [$24.95]

I wanted to share this product as it's something that REALLY made a huge difference for me as far as pain goes AND although it may not be specifically FOR your skin- it IS perfect for tired and stressed feet in general ;) PLUS, the product is also made by the same company that makes MyPainAway and I thought it would be great to share with all of you what my verdict was on their Foot Therapy too!

It's excellent for leg and muscle cramps on top of foot pain and doesn't have annoying after-odor as many similar products. You don't have to use much of the product either to get it's pain-relieving benefits, BUT there ARE some bonus benefits to skin with Topricin's Foot Therapy: heal cracked skin and soothe itchiness!

I love putting this on my feel after a long day of work or school and enjoying the soothing effects that my feet feel within seconds of application. If your wanting to calm feet and hands after an at-home mani/pedi, this is a good choice :) At just under $25, not only is Foot Therapy from Topricin affordable, its a homeopathic and effective treatment with versatility that's okay for all skin types- could also be a life-saver for athletes with leg cramps or nerve pain.

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