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You may have recently seen a few book reviews here at The Beauty Closet from time to time and I have been trying to do them more frequently as well. You might also be wondering why I'm doing book reviews here at The Beauty Closet when we are more of the beauty obsessed-focused kind of blog, but I've realized that some of the best tips I've found myself are in books! There are numerous and wonderful beauty and skincare online resources like the one that I'm going to review today: Natural Skin Care- Natural Remedies for Your Skin Care Problems. You can find this book in e-book form at under the General and Skin sections and it's absolutely FREE :) There are times when you can really find some great resources that don't cost a dime, and this e-book was no exception. Check out my review below...





Dr. Danny T Siegenthaler offers his great natural skin care advice in this 44 page e-book with a great deal of expertise to bring to the table. He is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and his wife Susan is also a medical herbalist and Aromatherapist and they have combined their forces of over 40 experience together, to create Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products. Dr Siegenthaler has put out many publications too and they have a Natural Skin Care Newsletter that's FREE and super informative about your skin. 

The book's author Danny starts out by sharing that in his 20+ years of practice, he has not yet seen an issue that he felt couldn't be treated using a natural approach to the problem. He created this e-book in the hopes of letting others know about the use of natural skin care options that are available to everyone and that they can solve a variety of skin issues such as: eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and acne. He put together the e-book with lots of great tips and advice from other experts that really hits the mark :)

One thing that stood out almost immediately for me with Natural Skin Care, was that not only is it very informative, but there are REAL pictures that are easy to see to go along with the particular subject at hand. One section has excellent pictures of the different types of skin cancer, what it actually looks like, and shows what you should be looking for as well! 

The next section of the book is an article by Asit Singh and it discusses the age-old debate on whether or not there is really an Acne Cure Diet that exists out there that works! He answers the question in the end by sharing that acne is truly quite a complex condition that is usually triggered by more than just one underlying factor, which also means that attributing acne to just diet would not be accurate as it's only one factor! He does however go on to state that there is still a connection between your diet and aggravating your existing acne issues. Avoid foods high in hydrogenated oils, milk, and sugars as these can cause hormonal imbalance. 

David Dorrough follow's Singh's article with tips on from his own point of view on the same topic of dietary changes and its effects on one's acne. He begins by pointing out that our diets today are not that great, especially when comparing it to those of even a 100 years or so, when their foods were void of chemicals from pesticides, fertilizers, and preservatives for longer shelf life like we have today! David offers some awesome advice on avoiding tap water as it's high in sulfuric acid and to stay away from sugar substitutes as those things will only encourage breakouts.

Learn how to get relief of your dry and itchy skin by utilizing natural remedies in the 3rd article by Raymond B. Entwistle. He advises that there are many skin conditions that can cause skin to itching and provides a wonderful and very detailed list about his picks for herbal solutions such as: Evening Primrose Oil [relieves itching from eczema], Lavender [relieves itching from skin rashes and is mild enough to even be used on children!], German chamomile [reduces inflammation], Red clover [an anti-inflammatory], and Goldenrod [great for wound healing]. Raymond is the current author of other books like How to Blast Your Allergies Away Forever!  and has shared that he has been able to cure himself of hay fever/eczema through natural herbal combinations!

Ever wondered what exactly the condition of Rosacea entails? Check out Knut Holt's well-written article on what it does, the symptoms, treatments, and options! I had no idea that Rosacea is actually permanent redness, although it does disappear periodically. This skin condition can damage the hair follicles and even create postules or pimples, which can also cause lumps in the skin. Hot baths, spicy foods, and emotional stress are ALL triggers for Roasacea and there are more on that list too. 

One of the best sections in the book in regards to information, is the piece written by Denny Bodoh on Cold Sores. He states that cold sores are caused by the type 1 or type 2 herpes simplex virus and that about 77% are normally caused by type 1. They also look the same and hurt in the same way, in addition to being both just a contagious as well. Both types last about the same length of time and will usually occur in the same location as the site of the original infection. He suggests that the easiest solution is to use ice at the first sign of a cold sore and that will stop it from occurring or will in the least, shorten its lifespan :)

The last section of the book is probably the most informational and BEST part of the entire guide- as it's packed full of great advice and tips on how to check for skin cancer, the proper steps to take on identification and there are great pictures included as well. You can easily tell what a normal versus an irregular mold looks like- as well as the different types. The step-by-step process is well-detailed so you can really understand how to correctly know what and where you are looking for it.

All in all, this was a fantastic e-book with a wealth of knowledge to offer that's worth adding to your device or computer for quick reference. You can find this free at, as well as other great e-books that are also completely FREE! I think that it's a wonderful idea to share your expert advice at no cost to anyone, if it will help even just one person :) That's my hope as well with sharing with all of you all the great tips I learned from this guide: Natural Skin Care Natural Remedies for Your Skin Care Problems.

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