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The Rooibos plant or Aspalathus linearis- which is in my opinion a lot tougher to say that "ROY-bos" or red bush, is originally from South Africa. This red bush is used to make bush tea or rooibos/herbal tea in Southern Africa and parts of Europe, such as England and has been a popular brewed drink for many centuries and generations!

The bush is now consumed by many countries and is made into ice tea in the US, South Africa, and Australia too. There are even coffee shops that prepare "red espresso", which is actually concentrated rooibos that is served in the traditional espresso style of drink. It does NOT contain caffeine and is less bitter due to the much lower amounts of a natural plant compound called tannin than that of other teas like black or green tea.

The unique thing about rooibos is that it only thrives and survives in one climate in South Africa and although attempts have been made to cultivate it elsewhere, it's been discovered that the symbiotic relationship with local organisms is what allows the plant to grow! I'm sure your wondering by now what it might do for your skin?! Check it out below:


  1. Relieve acne and reduce breakouts by applying some dry red tea powder directly to the skin.
  2. Sooth sunburns naturally with an application of red tea powder combined with a little water to create a paste and then put on your skin or mix the powder with aloe vera gel and then apply gently.
  3. Fight signs of aging and diminish lines and wrinkles with rooibos' high content of alpha-hydroxy acids.
  4. Great for chemical peels, as they can help freshen and rejuvenate skin, while leaving it with a healthy glow!
  5. Cleanse skin the natural way without harsh chemicals and other toxins and rooibos will leave you skin feeling smooth and clean :)



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I've tried quite a few eye gels out there and they are normally okay and sometimes I do manage to come across a good finds like this product from CSCS. What I really liked about this eye gel was the way that it felt on my skin- there was an immediate tightening effect, in addition to a very noticeable reduction in those pesky dark circles AND puffiness! I also LOVED the way the product smelled...and YES- it DOES have a wonderfully made natural formula as you can from the ingredients listed above [it includes rooibos too!].

This eye gels smells fantastic too- not annoying and something that might cause irritation, but it has a great scent and I noticed it with the first usage as being something notably pleasant. I like using the product in the morning when I get up and it really does seem to make a nice difference in helping me to look awake and ready to go for the day. CSCS Advanced Eye Gel is excellent for ALL skin types and even if you do have super sensitive skin as myself, you should have no irritation :)

If you want to reduce wrinkles and bags underneath your eyes, this is a fantastic organic alternative that doesn't have all the harmful yukkiness of so many others AND it's affordable too...that makes this product a win-win for me :) I did see one review on the product recently indicating that the pump did not work on the bottle that they had received. I thought this was true also, however I figured out with a little fiddling that this was indeed NOT the case.

I believe that the bottle may just need to have some air and product initially pumped into it- I've run across this before as it's a good preventive measure for keeping the product from being spilled [and wasted] while in shipment. This method will also keep the seal until you receive and are ready to use the product. I got it the pump bottle to work by untwisting the bottle and opening and closing it a couple of times, before closing it tightly back up. I then twisted around the white depression of the pump itself a few times and then gave the pump about 25 good presses and Voila- I had a working product!

This was really the only drawback I found with the Advanced Eye Gel from CSCS and it wasn't much of one as it only took me a couple of minutes to actually figure it out ;) If you're looking for a good eye gel that really does what it says and has the natural approach in mind- this is the product for you. This would be a good fit for beginners who are just starting to try out an eye product or even for the advanced user who has tried the gamut of eye products.

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