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  • Founded as a Nail Parlor in 2007, Julep is now sold at Sephora,, Nordstrom, and even on QVC!
  • They come up with new products on a constant basis- over 300 of their branded products a year :)
  • Jane Park hosts Live with Jane meetups on Google+ at least once a month-sometimes more in an effort to connect with her Mavens and those who are just makeup obsessed!
  • They have the FIRST fully customizable subscription beauty box-AND it really IS what you want in your box-that's one of the main things I really like about Julep- THEY ACTUALLY LISTEN TO US!!!
  • If you are really missing a fav color or product don't give up on it never coming back around- Julep will OFTEN bring back fan fav products and colors that were long retired :) We get chances regularly to vote on bringing back those products and getting to share our ideas to bring back old colors/products or new products with her during the Live with Jane chats!


Nail Polish- Everly $11.20 

I ordered this as an CHOSEN add-on for my order, and I am GLAD I DID!!! It's absolutely beautiful in person and has a very deep red sparkle. It's definitely NOT for everyday wear, but it's super fun and perfect for special occasions like Valentine's Day that is coming up very soon!!! 

Orbital Eye Shadow- Supernova $14.40

This is the 2nd Orbital Eye Shadow that I've ordered and it's gorgeous! The purple again, is not something I would wear everyday, but I could NOT resist the color!!! It's highly pigmented just like the Orbital Eye Shadow I got in the color Borealis a couple of weeks ago, as an add-on in my January Julep Box. It doesn't take much as all to get a deep set-in color, BUT be careful when you use these- if you get ANY below your eye its going to make a MESS. Because of the high pigmentation, I would recommend putting on before doing the rest of your makeup, at least what is around your eyes like your concealer for example. I made that mistake with the borealis and ended up with purplish streaks below my eyes from the very minute flecks that had fallen while putting it on :(


I Woke Up Like This-Mystery Box $24.99

This was hands-down the BEST deal out of what I got! It was a $25 Mystery Box with $125 worth of products included!!! There WERE TWO duplicates for me: the Gel Eye Glider in Smokey Taupe AND the Nigh Shift Sleeping Mask. Although they were products I already had, both of these items are things I would have purchased again in the future so I'm happily adding them to my backstock :) I love having product backups!!!

  • Nail Polish- Tanith $14/$11.20. This is a NEW color from Julep and the pictures do NOT do it justice! It's a light pink with an infused gold sparkle and I am really glad this was included in ALL the mystery boxes. I probably would have NOT chosen this color on my own, but it turned out to be a really beautiful color.
  • Nail Polish- Shari $14/$11.20. I was least excited about this polish color- it's not one I would buy on my own at all and not super exciting...BUT it would be good for combos and nail designs as its a pale, matte color. I'm going to try putting a sparkly polish on top of it to see if it can create some neat looks.
  • Blank Canvas- Mattifying Eye Primer $22/$17.60. One of the BEST items in the mystery box! It's got a great creamy formula- yet spreads thin as a primer should.It really did seem to help with providing a good base before laying down my eye makeup and concealer.The product also has a wand similar to a lip gloss which also makes it simple to apply!
  • Blank Canvas- Plumping Lip Primer $22/$17.60. I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the product- in fact it was the biggest surprise for me in the mystery box! One IMPORTANT NOTE about this primer-it has a unique button clicker to dispense the product through a soft tip applicator-BUT when you get this product you are going to have to CLICK many times before it will begin to dispense- MAKE SURE you do this but DON"T overdo it!!! If you do, you will end up with the product coming out on its own until your "clicks" have completed = a LOT of wasted product. I did this, knowing that we had to click several times to get it started and I over did it :(
  • Gel Eye Glider- Rich Brown $16/$12.80 Maven pricing. I don't have this color yet, BUT I do have the pencil mentioned below in smokey taupe as I got it with my last month's Maven Box and it's a FAV so getting another color was definitely a score. These pencils are unique in that they set after about 30 sec. so you have an opportunity to smudge and shape your lining before it's actually set.
  • Gel Eye Glider- Smokey Taupe Shimmer $16/$12.80 Maven price. This item was a duplicate but I already love the color and pencil itself so I'm not really upset that I got another :) 
  • Night Shift Sleeping Mask -$34/$27.20 for Mavens! This was ALSO a duplicate product but in my opinion one of Julep's best beauty products they offer! It will leave your face feeling so soft and smooth-you will see an immediate difference in overall skin appearance and tone after your first usage.
  • Plush Pout Lip Crayon- Aurora Pink $16*same pricing for Mavens on this one! I am torn one the lip crayon. I LOVE the feel of it on my lips- it has a great center core of moisturizing treatment and will leave your lips feeling soft. BUT, I was not the biggest fan of the color Aurora Pink as I was really wanting the Almond Nude color :( I will say though, that the color DOES actually look nice on me as I am fair-skinned so I'm going to wear a few times and give it a chance!

Mystery Add-on $11.99

  • Nail Polish- Aurora $14/$11.20 for Mavens! This pretty metallic color will be added to my growing collection of metallics that I already have from Julep :) I have been really wanting to get this color so I was really happy it was in my box. Their metallics are surprisingly long-lasting from Julep and the DON'T chip which is very unusual for those types of finishes in nail polish.

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