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One of the most basic functions of moisturizer seems super obvious- to keep the skin moisturized when it's DRY in addition to keeping it from continuing to dry out again. Many however, may not think about moisturizer as a great barrier to protect skin from today's harsh environment! Moisturizer can even stop oils from being released from the skin and keeps damaging outside elements from coming it. They can even provide a nice glow, fight the signs of aging, and aid in fading stretch marks!


  • Humectants- glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids, urea> urea IS a chemical compound found in urine, BUT it is a laboratory produced compound synthetically composed of ammonia and carbon dioxide...THIS is why I try to avoid this in my moisturizers!!!! Glycerin is a simple sugar alcohol and is colorless and odorless and it often used in moisturizers to help attract moisture to your skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids can be either synthetic or naturally occurring and helps with preventing the signs of aging!
  • Emollients- petrolatum, mineral oils, and lanolin> mineral oils are great as they are noncomedogenic= does NOT clog your pores!!! Lanolin is grease from wool-usually domestic sheep breeds that are raised specifically for wool; this emollient is a great natural protector for your skin against the harsh environment!
  • Preservatives- help prevent bacterial growth!
  • Plan Extracts- ingredients like acai berry, algae, macadamia nut, and jojoba are great in aiding with dry skin!
  • Vitamins & Minerals- honey, Ester-C, retinol, and  Vitamins' A, B12, C, D, & E. These all provide great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory assistance :)
  • Fragrance



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Tarte- Maracuja Oil $15/$17/$46/$75>.50z-3.4oz. sizes!!

I really love this product!!! I use it EVERY DAY and night-I just place a couple of small drops on my fingertips and apply lightly to the dryer areas I tend to have on my face :) I works really well and doesn't leave my face feeling gross. I have combo skin with SUPER dry areas and this is one of the few things that doesn't seem to help in keeping moister IN! Another awesome thing about this product is that Tarte sells in in FOUR sizes and price ranges so you can really try it out before you fully commit to a full-sized product and price!

Benefit- Total Moisture Facial Cream $42

With ingredients like plant-based squalene and mango butter, this product HAD to make my list!!! One of the biggest pros about this beauty item, is that it smells GREAT!!! It's really rare that a moisturizer smells so good, but this one really DOES!!! I also LOVE the cute container and its something that you can reapply throughout the day to provide added moisture but it won't affect your makeup or leave your face feeling greasy! At 1.7 oz. size it's also a great buy and will definitely last you a WHILE even if you use often as I do :)


Julep- Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil $19.99 special for TWO!!!

This is another oil that I found when it came in one my monthly Julep boxes and it became an INSTANT LOVE!!! It's super light-weight and fast-absorbing in addition to being a great organic moisturizer alternative! It's actually good for ALL skin types but I decided to put in under the list as a BEST for oily skin because it NEVER breaks me out and with beyond sensitive skin with breakouts that is pretty much a miracle in my book :) ! It also doesn't take much so it won't require a huge amount of product which only assist in clogging pores if you have oily skin!

Sephora- 8Hr Mattifying Moisturizer $23 

Although this is a store brand, I HAD to add this one to my list- it's a really good moisturizer for the price and comes in a generous size of 1.69 oz.! Even though Sephora makes this product, it is in my opinion just as good if not BETTER than many of the really expensive moisturizer alternatives! It contains NO parabens, oils, and IS non-comedogenic so it's good even if you have sensitive skin! You will see an immediate difference in pore size and shine-control with the first use of this moisturizer so it's definitely a good buy :) This moisturizer has the added bonus of fighting the signs of anti-aging too!


Dr. Jart+ -Ceramidin Oil Balm $50

This is an absolute awesome product when it comes having dry skin and I absolutely ADORE Dr Jardt products! Every product that I've tried out from him was I've really liked and noticed that they are always made with good, quality products. It absorbs easily into the skin, yet it's non-greasy formula will quickly soak into thirsty skin! A great bonus about this moisturizer is that is can be used in other chafed areas such as the elbows, nails, hair, and cuticles!!! Ingredients DO NOT include Parabens and Sulfates which is ANOTHER added bonus :)

Estee Lauder- DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme Broad Spectrum

I was lucky enough to get this as a sample with a set when I purchased a full-sized item in-store! I love the creaminess of it and the feel on my skin. It also has that great recognizable Estee Lauder fragrance :) At $50, it's the priciest one on my list, but it comes in a 1.7 oz. size too which means it WILL last you quite a while! Because of its super thickness, it doesn't take much and I do NOT really recommend this moisturizer for oilier skin types- I use this product during winter months on days when I feel like my skin has been dealing with a harsher environment. It's great for nightime: take a small amount on your finger tips and dab into really dry areas. 

bonus beauty product review!!! 

Lorac- unzipped gold: $42


I really thought the packaging was cute! :) With an unzipping gold zipper on the front of the off-white magnetic flip case, I KNEW this Lorac Kit was going to be a HIT :) It's also packed with a sample-size of Lorac's Behind the Scenes Eye Primer -.19 oz.!

The 10 eye shadows included in the kit are well pigmented and have a good creaminess to them that I like with my powder eye shadows. They look and feel of high quality and are easily blendable. 

The primer I thought had a good consistency and went on with ease and I found it really easy to keep a thin and consistent coat while applying. This is one of the things about a LOT of primers that usually means they don't work for me, but this one is definitely a product I'd be willing to buy the full-sized version for! You can also control how much you get out of the container as it has a really good tip in a squeeze bottle too!


I was NOT really a fan of the LAST TWO colors- Unedited and Unafraid- they were a little dark for me as I am very fair-skinned and they just were too dark!! My top choices however, were FAVS: Unlocked and Uninhibited are very pretty colors and would look nicely on most skin tones-even fair skinned gals like me! Unlocked is a very light, sparkly champagne color and could even be used as highlighter and is fantastic for the inner corners of the eyes! Uninhibited is a beautiful light sparkly pink color with a Mauve overtone :) It was the first color in the palette I gravitated towards and it ended up being my FAV color overall!

  1. Undressed
  2. Unlocked * Fav!
  3. Uninhibited * Fav!
  4. Unlimited
  5. Unpredictable
  6. Unleashed
  7. Undeniable
  8. Unwind
  9. Unedited *Not so much :( 
  10. Unafraid *Not so much :(

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