by Christina


That's Arvazallia! Yes, they may be a little hard to pronounce but I absolutely LOVE their products so I could NOT WAIT to share a review with you on some of their hair care items!!! I will also share just a little about who they are, in addition to reviewing an: Arvazallia Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Conditioner/Mask.


They are fairly new to the market, but they have had a cult following on Amazon for their Argan products so it was not surprising that the company ended up making their own official site and selling their products through their own store! They're based in Lawrenceville, GA, so they ARE a U.S. based company! Their main goal is to provide top-quality beauty products, infused with Argan Oil , while improving people's confidence!




*Sale pricing at shop.arvazallia.com

These beauty products ALL contain Aragan Oil and DO NOT have Sulfates OR Parabens in their ingredients! That's definitely a plus- especially when it comes to hair care! As I have damaged and dry hair from years of salon highlights, this is something I've really started to search for with hair care items as it has seemed to improve the overall health and condition of my hair and scalp. It will make a huge difference and if you try out a hair care product without Sulfates and Parabens you will see what I mean! Not only does the entire system NOT contain these products, but it's safe for ALL hair types- including Permed, Natural, Curly, Keratin & Color Treated!

The Shampoo was my FAV product out of the entire system :) The smell was absolutely wonderful and had a great scent in my hair even after using the entire system! It went on easily and did not take much to get my entire head- with above shoulder-length hair, covered. Do NOT expect this product to lather up- it doesn't...period. It actually isn't supposed to at all as their made without Parabens and Sulfates, the products will not lather up as traditional hair care products do. This is something that you might have to get used to, as I am still trying to adjust! However, the results of how healthy my hair has looked and how little frizz I've had since using the system means I don't mind getting used to having no lather when washing my hair! I also noticed a LOT more shine overall as well :) 

As for the conditioner, it was an excellent conditioner too! The smell is not AS strong as with the shampoo, which I actually may  have missed slightly, but it was still very nice. It did feel as though I may have used slightly more of this conditioner on my hair, but they may have also been to the difference in formula feel/texture without Parabens or Sulfates present. It rinsed out easily and left my hair feeling soft and smelling good-especially considering that the formula did NOT contain the usual harmful and unhealthy ingredients. I was shocked by that since I've run into quite the opposite in the past in other brands of hair care items! 

Lastly, I want to share my thoughts about the hydrating mask. This is the BEST product in the system that's offered in my opinion. It was not my FAV product out of the bunch, but it's the most effective by far! The only reason it wasn't my FAV item, was that it just didn't have the wonderful smell that the shampoo and conditioners had! The smell was NOT bad at ALL, it just didn't really have much of one there to speak of. You need to leave the mask in your hair for at least 5 minutes and I may have left mine in a bit longer than that, but I wanted to make sure that it penetrated my coarse, thick hair well! Once I felt that it had, I rinsed out the product and I could tell and immediate difference in overall feel of my hair. It was really soft and beyond manageable.

It did not take much to dry it or style it as it usually did and the frizziness that is usually there was virtually gone! I was amazed at how great it felt and looked and I know that the mask was the main reason! It should be noted too, that even though I didn't notice much of a smell in the mask when I put it on, I could tell that it did leave a very nice scent behind in my hair :) Flat-ironing it was a breeze and this is something that is sometimes a chore for me to do! I would definitely give this hair care system a try from Arvazallia- you will NOT be disappointed!! It's moderately priced and right up with current other professional hair care products as far as price point, the system works well-even with the products used independently, and the products really showcase how well healthy-minded products can work with your hair to produce fantastic results!

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