by Christina



Maven Box Details:

My March Personalized My Maven Box Included: 

    1. Full Coverage Creme Lipstick- Light On Your Lips > Tutu $17.60*
    2. Nail Polish > Marcy
    3. Lip Crayon- Plush Pout > Almond Nude $16*


    1. Nail Polish >Harmony


    The Beauty Closet


    Let's start with the Full Coverage Creme Lilpstick in Tutu :) I was actually VERY surprised by this completely! I'm NOT a fan of lipstick- just never have liked it as a lip product and I really prefer lip glosses! However, I really wanted to give this one a chance since it's once of Julep's newer beauty items and a new pretty and fun color as well!

    The color is great and although it's a little bright in the tube it goes on in a shear-type fashion. Although it's on the more melon side of the scale than of pink, the color seemed to work for me. Usually, I can't even think about wearing colors on this end of the scale, but I'm glad I decided to give this one a chance because I really ended up liking the color :)

    As for the formula itself- it contains some fantastic ingredients: botanical extracts, Shea Butter, and Julep's Power Cell Complex! It glides on nicely and smoothly and seemed to last for me throughout the day,regardless of the color! It loved the way it made my lips feel as well which I found unusual as well since I mostly come across the opposite with many lipsticks.

    That's one of the reasons I tend to NOT prefer them is because of their normal texture and they way they can seem to sometimes dry out your lips more than actually help them! One of my FAV things besides the color of the product was how neat the well-made container was! Not only did it seem to be made with good quality in mind, but it has a unique magnetic closing feature that makes putting back on the cap an absolute breeze! I definitely give this product a MAJOR thumbs up! It's one to put at the top of your list!!!

    Now, I've been waiting for SO long for this color of Julep's Plust Pout Lip Crayon to come back in stock and I finally got the opportunity in this Maven box :) It's a nice neutral color and the product as I've already had the chance to try it out before- is awesome! It goes on easily like a stick with a super-rich moisturizing center core that glides along with the color! Once applied, you can feel an immediate difference in your lip's softness and texture :)

    It's also packed full of awesome ingredients like Vitamin E and Sunflower wax! The color turned out to be exactly what I wanted it to be which was a neutral that will go with any makeup or outfit I decide to wear that day. This IS a color that I believe with go with most anyone's skin tone as well- even those with super fair skin such as I. 

    Lastly, I want to talk about the two polishes that I got in my box too. I wasn't as excited about the polishes and that might just be because I am really starting to get so many that I'm running out of room in my just-bought Julep caddy and I will probably need another one VERY shortly! That being said, I did choose the two colors Marcy and Harmony fairly well! Marcy is semi-matte, opalescent color that is very light, but also very pretty and dazzling :)

    It's a great fun, spring-time color so I definitely see it as a color I can look forward to pulling out in the next month or so! The second color, Harmony is just absolutely beautiful. It was an add-on to my box, but I was able to use my Jules points on the order. This made the add-on cost basically nothing since I've earned the points due to ordering monthly Maven Boxes anyways!

    This polish is a type of Holographic jagged-cut glitter top coat that would be good on many colors as a unique and playful layered look! You can also wear this color with just a couple of quick coats and one of Julep's clear top-coat polishes like the gel top coat and it will look super cute as well! This was definitely my FAV of the polishes that I got in my box :)