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This was really about as far as it went before I started doing some research on the Derma Roller and became interested in the new beauty technology and the concept of the product. However, I really didn't know what it was used for or did, let alone if it was effective or not! I wanted to share this post today with all of you in hopes that you might learn a little something new you didn't know about a new, unique beauty tool out there on the market! I recently got the awesome opportunity to give one a try and wanted to go ahead and review a Derma Roller as well :) 


This device is unique in that it involves the process of collagen induction therapy or CIT. Small clusters of needles of a hand-held device such as a Derma Roller, actually penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production by breaking up collagen strands that are deep in the skin's dermis layer! The results claim more smoothness, even skin tone, and more tightness! Since this type of device doesn't remove the epidermis- it only penetrates through it. The needle length will determine how deep the skin will be penetrated, and ranges from 0.5mm to 2mm sized needles. It has been reported that CIT is the only beauty skin treatment that focuses on 3 important skin cell types without damaging the epidermis skin layer: keratinocyte, melanocyte, and fibroblast.



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I admit, I was a little hesitant to use the product! I was afraid it would "hurt", although I wasn't exactly sure how- it did seem though by the videos and descriptions I'd seen that was the world I might be headed towards! But, I also wanted to give it a chance since it's something that has really been proven to work as there's some real research and science behind it :) 

My first impressions of the Derma Roller was that it was actually smaller than I thought it would be and fit in my hand fairly easily and was fairly ergonomic. This one from Petunia Skincare comes in a very nicely made case and although made out of plastic, it's still pretty decent looking and provides a great protective storage place for it when not being used! 

This Derma Roller from Petunia also came in a box that did include a diagram and instruction for use. I was a little lost on the instructions as it did not make it 100% clear on exactly how many times for each "pass" both diagonally and vertically/horizontally. I had to consult the free provided "Ultimate Guide to Derma Rolling" in order to get a definite answer, but I did get what I was looking for. It IS a total of ten times for each type of direction> check out the chart that explains how to use the Derma Roller below :) 

After doing a good rinse-off with warm water, I began to use the Derma Roller. It was very gentle at first as I had NO idea how it would feel- I tried it on my arm, but I knew this wasn't a very accurate marker of what it would feel like on my face :/ I chose to go with a scar on my forehead and one on the very far-side of my cheek, near my ear to tackle first. I admit that it did not feel that fantastic and although it didn't really hurt, I would have to say that was a borderline "hurt" and that it definitely didn't feel fantastic! Of course, that's to be expected with hundreds of micro needles penetrating the skin!

One thing that I noticed especially-even after I had completed the process, it still felt as though the action was occurring with the roller on my face! The best way I can describe it is like someone rolling on a skating rink and then coming off the rink, taking off their skates and then putting on their shoes; all is well, yet they can almost still feel as though they are still "skating"! This was a similar reaction that my face had, even after I stopped using it. This reaction however, did seem to subside after a few minutes.

It was fairly easy to hold and use and the total process to cover all the areas of my face that I was focusing on took about 15 minutes. After I was done with the roller, I was able to rinse it off well with warm water as I did before I began, and then put it back in the nice holder. 

The needles appeared and felt to be made of good quality steel and they 1.5 mm length is something that you may want to steer clear of unless you are going for fading deep lines, wrinkles, or scars. It is not necessarily needed to get a 1.5mm depth and you can start out with a .5 mm or 1 mm and still get good results! This is the one that I chose to start out with though,since I had a specific deep scare on my leg that I wanted to go after as well! 

When you use this tool, a great thing to remember is to get the best out of it by ensuring to pair up with your awesome skin care products and serums! The best time to do this is immediately following the usage of the roller- as I myself did with the first use! I found that applying my usual serum, eye cream, and moisturizer did sooth my skin too some after using the Derma Roller!

After I had completed the using the Petunia Skincare Derma Roller and put it up, I did notice some redness on my face almost immediately! I HIGHLY recommend using this product at night and during the weekend- not the night before an important event or during the week when you might go to work or school the next day! Depending on how sensitive your skin is and how much length is on the needles in your Derma Roller, you may want to be careful in when you use this! I have fairly sensitive skin and the redness stayed for 2 days :( There was no swelling or bruising, although my skin did feel slightly "sore" in a way for about 24 hrs after I used the Derma Roller. It was similar to a light sunburn feeling. 

I read a LOT of reports and reviews in addition to many pictures of bleeding after having this type of therapy with the Derma Roller, but I did NOT experience this at all on my face or thigh where I used! I did press considerably harder on my thigh than on my face when using the product, but it still did not cause my skin to bleed at all! I am not quite sure how people are getting these results, but the looked brutal. If this Derma Roller had left my face or skin in that condition, I do not think I would have ever used again! 

After about 3 days of healing I started to see the results: my skin began to appear a LOT smoother and brighter! Within a week of using the Petunia Skincare Derma Roller, I could see how much tighter, firmer, and fresher my skin looked. There was also significant improvement on the scaring on the side of my face, forehead, and leg! The biggest improvement was actually on the most delicate skin on my forehead- the scar that I've had for many years has really faded! 

Overall, if you are looking for a VERY affordable alternative to laser, peels, and other expensive skin treatments- this Derma Roller from Petunia Skincare is a fantastic one to try! At under $20, it might be one of the cheapest skin treatments you've used that is actually effective too. I was really surprised by the results and was glad I gave it a chance. Even if you DO have sensitive skin- I can attest to being able to use this product as well :) I would definitely recommend this tool a must-have for any woman in her beauty tool arsenal!!!







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