by Christina


I really had NO idea that this sponge came from a plant...seriously had NO idea!!! I thought I was fairly knowledgeable when it came to even the new beauty tools and trends, but I just must have missed this one completely! I heard of Konjac sponges before, but I had no CLUE whatsoever that it was derived from a plant. This of course got me immediately interested as I'm really into finding all the latest beauty products that are affordable AND have an organic focus! 

After doing some research, I was able to determine that Konjac comes from the Chinese plant called the Konjak- also known by: Devil's tongue, voodoo lily, and snake palm. The plant is native to Japan, China, and Indonesia and its roots are commonly ground up to make food or what's called yam cake.

There are two basic types in Japan: white and black; the cake can also be made into noodles as well in the same coloring. Konjac has also been made into candies which were at one time sold in the US., but after several children died over the span of just a few years- candies and other edible products containing Konjac were either banned, recalled, or issued product warnings by the FDA.

People in Japan have also been using Konjac for bath sponges and now as luxury facial sponges as too and its popularity spread to China, South East Asia, Europe, and now here in North America! What's really awesome about this sponge derived from a plant is that there's claim of little irritation due to no harmful chemicals being present.  There's copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium to help smooth skin naturally and leave it feeling nicely nourished!



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If you are going to buy an affordable new beauty tool anytime soon- make THIS product by ClearKonjac your NEXT score! I was very surprised at how much I ended up liking it :) First impressions was that it was smaller than I'd imagined and hard as a rock?!? I wondered if I'd been sent to correct item (lol!), but I had! It turns out, that the first usage requires a little more than just soaking the sponge for a couple of seconds- it took about a minute or so of good soaking under the running faucet in order to get the sponge to "loosen"up and go from hard-as-a-rock to a wonderful softness.

I found this concept unique in itself as it definitely had me fooled! Now when the sponge dries out, it doesn't go back to the smaller and harder version, but just dries out as a sponge should. After soaking the sponge and getting it to a nice softness and fullness, I was able to apply my cleanser on my face and leave it on my skin as directed. I then took the wet Konjac sponge and used nice, circular motions to cover my entire face and neck areas and I noticed that there was NO smell with the sponge at all either!


One thing I noticed right away while I was using this Konjac sponge, was how easy it was to use my cleanser and get it evenly and nicely on my entire face. I really felt like I was getting my face clean and the ergonomic design made it a cinch to use! Once I used on my entire face and neck area, I rinsed out the sponge and used the attached handy string to hang the sponge to dry. After rinsing off my face, I could really feel an immediate difference in smoothness, softness, and texture- and I could SEE it too! :) 

The ONLY drawback I really found to using the sponge was that I had to manipulate holding it while applying my cleanser, getting it wet, and also trying to dry it off/hang it up- all while I still had cleanser on my face. I am sure that over time I can get down a better method in order to improve this- or even find (or maybe create my own!) a good holder that's nearby to place the sponge on during and after the process.

With there only being one thing I could really find that was negative about the product, I don't really find it something that I can't and won't deal with; I absolutely love the results of using it and the idea of being able to use an organic beauty product to accomplish something I do every day is super rewarding! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Konjac Facial Sponge from ClearKonjac!!! Seriously, give this awesome beauty tool a try- you will LOVE it :)

where can i find this fantastic product?!