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If you haven't heard of these pesky little guys by now, I would be super surprised as most of us have at least heard the word a hundred or so times in advertising for beauty products on a daily basis! But what exactly are they talking about when its mentioned antioxidants and how they fight these free radicals? This basically means that just like other things that break down in a very similar way- like bananas turning brown after sitting out for a few days, our cells in turn also are exposed to this oxidation and then breakdown in our very own bodies!

While our bodies do an excellent job for the most part in metabolizing oxygen efficiently, there is a small percentage of cells that get damaged and then become "free radicals" in the body. These radicals are so named "free" since these molecules are allowed free to roam the body, often in earnest of a new host to rob it's molecule of what it is missing! But they just don't stop there unfortunately, when free radicals actually attack cells, they don't just kill the cell- they also damage its actual DNA which can be a contributing factor to disease :/

Of course, there are quite a few things in the environment that can help aid in fighting this ever-going battle- fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains to name a few. There are also however, those factors in the environment that do NOT help at all like cigarette smoke, pollution, pesticides in our food and water, and drinking excessive alcohol! As you can see from the list though, those factors are things that we can control in many ways on our own by choosing organic and natural products and dropping bad lifestyle habits!

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They are a fairly newer company with organic beauty products out on the market and have the main goal of putting out the BEST quality products they can! They also produce their products in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility that is US based, so you can be assured that their products are made with a high-quality in mind :) ALL of their products they offer come with a 90 day guarantee as well; this means that YOU keep the bottle and they refund they FULL price and as their site states- they do NOT question the reason> if you aren't 100 % satisfied they want to make it right. The company stands behind the "No Animal Testing" motto in addition to saying "Yes!" to environmentally sustainable practices.



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This has been one of the BEST Retinol moisturizers that I have tried yet! The first thing I noticed from the beginning that set this product apart from Body Merry was the container and packaging; it doesn't come in the traditional packaging that you might expect, but instead comes in a 3.4 oz. pump bottle that is clean and simple looking without being a pain to use! The cap easily comes off to reveal a well-designed pump that only took one pump in order to slowly dispense the just the right amount of product for application.

I absolutely LOVED the ease and design and you can tell that Body Merry really thought about this too- with the customer in mind! I appreciate those types of details myself, as I know that usually indicates the product will be excellent if not better than the quality of the packaging! This 2.5% Retinol Moisturizer from Body Merry was no exception and really delivered its promises of good quality and effectiveness!

As for the formula itself, its fantastic! Sometimes moisturizers with Retinol can dry out my skin or almost make it have a raw feeling if used daily or even every other day.This moisturizer didn't really leave my skin feeling like that and I was able to use it on a daily basis quite comfortably with no skin irritation, etc. This might be due in part to the Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin's E and b5 , and green tea that were in the ingredient list too! 

Since the formula is made with such good quality, I didn't have to use much either to get a nice, thin layer over my neck area and entire face! Based on that, I would say that the over 3 oz. bottle will last me FOREVER! :) There is NO smell and this isn't a bad thing either. A LOT of the comparable and similar products I've tried DO tend to have a smell when containing Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, but this moisturizer from Body Berry didn't at all!

If you have sensitive skin or can't handle perfumed beauty products very well- this IS the moisturizer for you :) BEST's under $23 for over 3 ounces, which makes it SUPER affordable and worth the purchase! I would HIGHLY recommend this moisturizer from Body Merry and give it FIVE STARS *****



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