by Christina


I have fought this constant battle for years... and until lately I felt as though it might be a losing battle. I've tried various products to no avail, only to have them result in drying my hands up even more, leaving them in worse condition, or just not working at all! I've had some products that even seemed to work, but ultimately the relief was only temporary :( 

Since I've recently made more of a focus in my life on using organically-minded and natural products, I knew that it was time that I needed to improve upon this area too! We wash our hands on a daily basis and many times a day, yet many of us may not think about the products we use to wash them may actually doing more harm than good! We instead try to improve the condition of the skin on hands by adding lotions, serums, and other products that aren't ultimately effective.

The best way that I decided to solve this problem, was to tackle what I did on a daily basis before I even got to putting lotion,etc. on my hands- washing them! I started looking for awesome organic and natural hand soaps that could do the job and do it well, without drying out your hands! This was a much harder feat that I had imagined and it took quite some time before I found a soap that I was satisfied with! 

Ultimately, I ended my quest with the product below :) I finally found a product that I can be happy with and actually did NOT dry out my hands. In fact, my hands probably look the nicest that have in YEARS! It really DID make a difference with this seemingly small change that I made in my daily routine and I was shocked at the positive results it showed. I've had to use a LOT less lotions and moisturizers too- no more constant daily fighting with my keeping my hands from getting dry.

WHAT ingredients you should try TO AVOID WHEN CHOOSING A SOAP:

  1. PARABENS - preservatives that are found in other cosmetics too- there have been some studies with possible links to breast cancer, but these studies DO need more research for confirmation!
  2. FRAGRANCES- these can really cause issues for those that are super sensitive to fragrances or have allergies and can be found in a LOT of other beauty and cosmetic products!
  3. PHTHALATES- some studies have linked these to indocrine disruptors which could lead to breast cancer and reproductive defects! This is a VERY common ingredient in many beauty products and is often NOT disclosed perfectly legally as instead "formula" or "proprietary blend"!
  4. TRICLOSAN- though this ingredient is a front-runner for antimicrobial usage, its been know to be more a skin irritant and linked to thyroid and hormone issues AND there has NOT been enough evidence suggesting that adding Triclosan to soaps and toothpastes provides any additional benefits that regular soap and water provides!
  5. SLS/SLES- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate> these can be found in MOST beauty and skin care products! These ingredients have been linked to skin, lung, and even eye irritants!
  6. SYNTHETIC COLORS- usually comes from petroleum or coal sources and can be the cause of skin irritants and possible human carcinogens.
  7. TOLUENE- this is one of the worst ones in my its a petrochemical-which means it comes from petroleum or coal tar and can be labeled as: benzene, toluol, phenylmethane, and methylbenzene (this compound is used in PAINT THINNER!) This chemical has also been linked to possible immune system toxicity! It can be found in everything from nail polishes to hair color products.
  8. FORMALDEHYDE- not one of my fav's at ALL AND it's in almost everything fro nail polish, eye shadow, cleansers, and hair care product, but that doesn't mean it's good! It has been found by the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens to be a human carcinogen and has also been linked in some studies to some types of nasal cancers! These studies are still in further research for definitive conclusion as well.
  9. PROPYLENE GLYCOL- commonly found in moisturizers and makeup products, this ingredient is considered to be a skin-conditioning agent that's an organic alcohol. It can be attributed to dermatitis and hives!
  10. PABA- often found in sunscreens and are believed to cause cellular damage and cancer!



I have never used an organic soap like this one before! It was fantastic and I was very pleasantly surprised at the overall quality and effectiveness- regardless of the fact that its composed of organic ingredients :) My first impressions of the bottle itself was that it was nicely made even for a plastic pump container! I would have preferred another color other than brown perhaps, but its not something that would cause me not to use the soap.

The soap worked really well and didn't take much to get a nice coverage of my hands in suds. It rinsed easily and had no smell really except for the typical nice, clean soap smell. Unlike some of the other soaps that I've used in the past that were heavily perfumed or smelled bad due to organic ingredients, this one has a clean smell that can be appreciated by most everyone. My FAV part about this soap from Foxbrim is that is DIDN'T DRY OUT MY HANDS!!! It was literally a miracle it seemed...after only a day of usage I saw a major improvement and after only a couple of days my hands were much softer and the dryness had all but disappeared!?!

I let the entire family use as well and did get positive results from them too. I did get one small complaint from my fiance that the texture of the formula felt "slimy" to him and that may be attributed to the fact that this soap is a liquid soap version the liquid-to-foam hand soap that we normally use. I did not experience this issue though :) He did state that he noticed the soap worked well and did not mind the smell, but he did not prefer the actual texture to the current soap that we use.

The formula is thinner than even traditional liquid soaps I've used before, but you do NOT need near as much either. This was something that I did not notice right away and I was possibly using entirely too much product at first, but I was able to make this adjustment and used a lot less in the process. If you are used to using traditional instead of organic or natural soaps, you may want to start out with an amount adjusted to less than what you normally use! 

I would definitely HIGHLY recommend this wonderful organic soap from Foxbrim and give it ***** Stars! If you are looking to replace your existing hand soap or wanting to drop all of the harsh ingredients and go with a soap that's made of healthy and organic ingredients instead, then this is the soap for you to try!


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