by Christina



I actually didn't know the background to the company at all, but what I ended up finding was fairly interesting. For starters, the company began quite a while ago in 1931 and was actually started by man named Larry Gelb- not a woman! I had always thought or rather assumed that Clairol was started by a woman, but I was very wrong! 

Larry was on a mission to discover new beauty products to bring to the United States when he found the new hair color called Clairol that was debuting in Europe. His wife also saw what great potential the product would have in the United States, so Gelb decided that it would be excellent to bring to the US as a result. 

Mr. Gelb was right and Clairol was a big hit in the US, with sales reaching huge heights. This really made Clairol a household name as women everywhere began to use the product and with over $6 billion in sales this past year, the company doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon! They've managed to place themselves in the vast market for hair care in such a way, that they are one of the most recognized brands throughout the world.




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I admit that I might have high standards when it comes to hair care, but I did give the product an honest chance and tried to go in as open-minded as possible. I normally stick to sulfate-free and organic hair care formulas or purchase my hair products from the salon, but it's been years since I've tried the "over-the-counter" brands and wanted to see if there had been some changes?!? One of the main reasons why I stopped using brands and hair care lines like Clairol in the past, was that they were damaging my hair more than helping it! 

The iThrive line is Clairol's professional hair care system and focuses on three areas or types: color vibrancy, style soothe, and keratin rescue. I chose to go with the Color Vibrancy part of the iThrive line as my hair is frequently color-treated and I also tend to use shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair.

I absolutely LOVED the look of the bottle itself and it has a super easy push-down, click top which makes dispensing the product a cinch. The smell was also fantastic and was probably my favorite thing about this product, but that's unfortunately where the "likes" stop. I really didn't like the overall formula and the way that it felt very "heavy" on my hair and was difficult to even rinse out.

I do have really thick and coarse hair however and I wanted to make sure to give the product a fair chance. I washed my hair several days in a row with the shampoo, but go the same results :( It left my hair feeling like it needed more and was beyond try and didn't really seem to help with the coarseness or texture of my hair at all. As for the amount of product I had to use on my above shoulder length hair....? It was more than I would have wanted to use, with usage usually requiring at least two washes just to feel like my hair was left clean. I can see that I would easily go through this small bottle in no time at this rate!


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I did end up liking this product a little more than the above shampoo in the same Color Vibrancy iThrive line, but I still was left feeling it could have been better overall. I LOVED the smell and the formula seemed as though it was really thick and creamy as a conditioning treatment should, yet after I rinsed it out of my hair I didn't feel as though it left my hair feeling nice and smooth- or soft! My hair IS super coarse and thick, but this treatment didn't seem to be effective as advertised. I have tried a LOT of products and I'm usually a fan of creamy hair conditioning treatments, but this product did not produce the results I'm used to :( I also noticed that by the next day, my hair was very dull and the color looked flat. I was fairly disappointed at the results! I would NOT recommend this product if you're looking for a good conditioning treatment-stick to something like Aveda or Matrix. There are several lines in those brands that have worked well for me! If you're looking for a good natural and organic conditioning treatment, try Arvazallia's Argan treatment! 


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THIS was DEF. the product that I liked the MOST out of the entire system! It's something that I will actually continue to use :) For the price it's also fantastic! The first time I used this product I saw an immediate reduction in frizziness and flyaways! I live in Texas and it can get very hot and quite humid here and this didn't seem to faze this hairspray one bit! It also lasted throughout the day and I didn't have to apply more than one coat in order to get results either and that was something I found fairly impressive. If you are going to give something in the Clairol Professional iThrive hair care line, I would definitely give this product a try! It's affordable, effective, and will last throughout the day-even in humidity! :)