by Christina



Until recently, I'd never heard of this super cool beauty tool! I was given a great opportunity to try the product out, so I thought I would share my thoughts on what I thought about what the product was, how well it worked, and a little about the company that makes Rootstix!

Maura Keenan started Rootstix and I absolutely LOVE her story behind the company's beginnings! She found herself with constant hair coloring trips by her 30's and wanted something that allowed her to save time and $$$ between salon trips. The thing was, Maura couldn't find anything out on the market that met her needs- which is why she took matters in her own hands and created her own new product!

Now the company has an additional product- Brazen Brows that is specifically for your brows and designed for making and shaping brows a breeze! They also have a site which you can go check out at: There you can find out a little bit about the company, browse, and purchase their products.

rootstix product claims:

"Write off gray hair! ROOTSTIX is immediate, precise, easy to use, and long-lasting temporary color. It’s as simple as using a marker. Just apply and go! The color goes on quickly and dries FAST with NO mess. Color may fade throughout the day and washes out easily.
Take it with you anywhere! Fits perfectly in your purse, glove compartment, toiletry bag, or makeup case. You never know when you might need it! Last minute meeting with the boss? Last minute dinner reservations? Last minute PTA meeting? Just use the ROOTSTIX pen and look fabulous in no time!
ROOTSTIX utilizes a mild pigment to temporarily color roots. ROOTSTIX is currently available in three shades: Black, Medium Brown, and Light Brown. ROOTSTIX is not waxy or goopy.
ROOTSTIX can also be used on eyebrows. The fine tip point gives you perfect control! Learn more
ROOTSTIX are also for men. Use to quickly cover gray in beards and mustaches!"




*ROOSTIX.COM pricing!

Let me start out by saying that I was going in with an open mind before trying Rootstix, but I so admit to having the thought that, "I'd been here before"...! I've tried a few of these products that are similar application or focus, yet they didn't really seem to ever turn out as they should :/ Right from the start though, I could tell there was a good chance this product was a world apart for those products I'd tried previously! 

For starters, it looks different. Rootstix arrived in a nice box that contained the product in addition to the added bonus of a drawstring carrying pouch too! The pouch is great for travel and I took the product immediately out of the box and put it in the cute pouch instead :) The product packaging itself it nicely made too- it's well-made, easy-to-use, and designed perfectly! 

The felt-tip pen makes application exact and a cinch so almost anyone could use this product and be an expert with the first use! Rootstix also comes with a cute, itsy comb that can be used to comb through the roots/root area after application to spread out the product and ensure evenness. The comb really worked too, with very little effort- I was pretty impressed at the overall easiness of Rootstix! The product really IS foolproof...I'm fairly certain almost anyone can do- I'm a decent klutz and I was able to maneuver was no issues.

It dries after about 15-20 seconds, so if you do make any "mistakes" you can correct them without being stuck with a mess or something that looks odd on your scalp and hair. If you do go too heavy in an area with Rootstix, the provided comb is perfect to do fix this! The fine-point, felt-like pen was a great idea as it makes application go right where you want it to go!

I was able to use on my eye brows, although the product is not specifically designed for this it does state that it can be used for this reason. It did not work as well on my eye brows however, but again- the product isn't really designed for this. The company's new product Brazen Brows would probably best be suited for your eye brows!

I found that the possibility of Rootstix lasting more than one day for me was probably unlikely; as with several applications thus far, I have not been able to achieve this feat. I do not think though that I would really expect it to, as it's a temporary color and I have really thick hair. My hair doesn't absorb products quite well in the first place so to me, it lasting all day as only something temporary, it an accomplishment!

Would I recommend this product? Yes!!! It's very affordable, fun and easy to use, well-designed, and should save you even more $ between stylist visits! If you're looking for a great product to hide grey areas, bad highlights, or showing roots, then this is definitely the product for you! It should be noted too that Rootstix can be used for males as well and makes a fantastic gift to almost anyone on your list for any occasion. 


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