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I've definitely heard of this product before giving it a try, but I didn't really know that much about it except that it did have something to do with aiding in moisturization. There is the common misconception about Rose Hip Oil in that it contains Retinol or Vitamin A, but it actually doesn't! What it does have however, is provitamin A or beta-Carotene and fatty acids- linoleic acid and omega-3 specifically.

Although the oil does have Vitamin C as well, it doesn't contain any that is water soluble (usable for humans!). The oil itself is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush and originate from the Andes southern region. It can however, be extracted from Rosa canina, which can grow in regions of South Africa and parts of Europe

what does rose hip oil do for skin?!?

That is the awesome thing about Rose Hip Oil, it really does the job well for a variety of skin conditions and it's been proven effective. It can be used for skin issues ranging from dermatitis, acne and eczema to aging or sun damaged skin, wrinkles, and even to heal brittle hair and nails. Rose Hip Oil is great a absorbing quickly and easily into the skin as well. Scarring and photo-aging are difficult issues that Rose Hip Oil has been found to help too!

The oil provides a great moisturizing barrier for skin and actually prevents dehydration of the skin all together! You can find Rose Hip Oil in a variety of cosmetics, skin care products, and as a stand-alone product (raw oil). One fantastic bonus about this oil in particular, is that is made up of essential fatty acids like omega-3's that have been proven as well to aid in cellular repair and collagan stimulation as a result :)


It IS listed as "possibly safe" to use when applied directly to the skin, per FDA guidance. It has been known to cause some side effects that can include heartburn and stomach cramps, headache, insomnia, and nausea. The fine dust of rose hip can also cause an allergic reaction in some people, if inhaled! It is NOT recommended if you have a bleeding condition as Rugosin E which is found in Rose Hip Oil, might slow the clotting of your blood. Some experts suggest, but there is not a general agreed consensus that it may affect the control of diabetes.

Rose Hip Oil should probably be avoided as well if you are going to have surgery for this same reason of slowing down blood clotting and if you have an iron-related blood disorder such as anemia, this product is also not suggested. Lastly, it's recommended that if you are prone to kidney stones that you not take this oil as it could increase the risk for kidney stones.

product review:

aveya beauty-premium certified rosehip oil $14.91*

* pricing!

Firstly, I very much LOVED the product- it reminded me of a cross between Argan and Jojoba Oil! It had virtually NO smell-which it being composed of Rose Hip seed Oil and also fruit oils, I thought that it would! However, I must mention that this is NOT the bottle that I received. The bottle that I DID get was VERY similar, but it didn't have the cute picturing on the front, although it does state what it is as well as the same amount.

This product didn't come with a dropper either for the bottle, just a regular lid and I do wish it come with a dropper as this would have made it easier for application. Most oils that I have tried in the past, did included this item so I was slightly disappointed that the bottle didn't come with this added tool. The picture on the front that was missing, I could have done without- although it would have been nice to see something on the front of the bottle besides the name of the product alone!

As for the effectiveness of this Rose Hip Oil from Aveya Beauty, it was definitely a great organic option to some of the more costly and chemical-laden alternatives that are out on the market today! It provides great moisturization, lasts all day, and doesn't leave any residue or staining behind. I was a little worried that it might do this as the oil is NOT clear, but does have a slight orange-reddish tint to it. Also, I noticed how well and quickly it absorbed into my skin- even in the dryer areas!

Finally, I want to mention that it this oil did NOT break me out, which is super rare for almost any product containing oil that I've used. I was really impressed by this fact alone- that I could use it daily and still get great moisturizing results for my hair, skin, and nails without getting breakouts as a result. It's very affordable, effective, and a great product by Aveya Beauty that should definitely be given a second look!


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