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I know what you're probably thinking...and I had similar thoughts as well ;) Oh no...she thought we'd all want to hear about ANOTHER dieting book?! Aren't there enough of those already??? Well you are exactly right! EXCEPT- this book happens to be different! I'll explain: Rachel Pires takes a much different approach than you normally see in dieting books- she actually suggests that we all have the natural ability to be thin and it's easier than we may think! She doesn't give advice on gimmicks or fads, but offers up truthful and genuine words of what really works. I really enjoyed reading the book and found myself reading it in it's entirety in one day :) 


Rachel Pires was born here in the US in Connecticut and actually grew up in New Jersey. She got her B.S. in Communications and PR from Boston University in 2005 and then moved to L.A. to work with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and Ionic Media. She is now a writer for ETS or the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey- in addition to a contributing writer for Weightloss Blogs. I love that Rachel is so driven and motivated- I found it be very encouraging to find an empowered woman who has such wonderful advice to share with others :) She also struggled for many years with weightloss; Rachel wanted to share her advice in the hopes of sparing others the pain and torment that people sometimes put themselves through in order to lose weight!



As the author sets out from the beginning, the first Chapter titled "Elusive Diet" is one of the main reasons that Rachel wrote the book. She advises that dieting is actually really quite simple, but the dieting industry has made it thoroughly complex and sometimes just down-right ridiculous! She says that most are: just silly, expensive, and contain a lot of gimmicks and little else!

I think many of us may have run across these types of diets or even tried them ourselves. Rachel shares that we don't have endure suffering OR stress in order to diet and asks the question- "Do you really need to spend all that money when you can do it all on you own?" That's probably something many people should ask themselves, but don't!

As the book continues, Rachel goes on to advise the scary statistics that by the year 2020 it is predicted that there will be over 80% of men and over 70% of women that will be overweight or obese! This means that it's apparently a really good time to be in the weightloss industry and they've noticed! It's become a billion dollar industry in a very short time! Sadly, as the author points out- these billions don't translate into obese Americans actually losing weight. In fact, it's quite the opposite! 

For example, Rachel talks about how Diet Pills are sold as "magic bullets" that actually only temporarily suppress your appetite and only have numerous and dangerous side effects. She suggests that you can choose to go for the higher-priced and ineffective dieting plan or try using you very own techniques! As for the type of diet, the author says that a good balance is preferable to most people- over a low-carb, high protein diet. The more balanced approach is a better, long-term solution. 

The book continues with great tid-bits of wisdom from the author with her stating that it's a surprising truth for most individuals to realize that exercise isn't always for weightloss and that it won't necessarily mean you will lose weight! Of course, the fitness industry would definitely have you believing otherwise. But, as Rachel does say, she's not suggesting that you don't exercise-that's healthy to do in general...BUT you shouldn't go into to it with that specific goal in mind. 

As she advises and I agree as well, we as Americans put a lot of blame on our own food industry when we actually should be blaming ourselves! It should be physically easier to lose weight with all the technology and other assistance that have have out there to help us maintain our weight. However, we also have a numerous amount of choices these days and we are all eating entirely too many calories as a result.! 

Rachel gives 3 main concepts to mastering weight loss: count your calories, choose what you eat, and listen to your body. I loved these concepts, as they all seemed super easy and simply to implement for almost anyone! For example, counting your calories is beyond important as she states that certain foods have more calories than others, regardless of portion size! She stresses that its very important to keep as accurate as possible when counting your calories.

The book has a good amount of online resources and lists that include daily calorie counters and trackers and even some resources on figuring out what the unknown caloric intake on food is. One of my favorite comparisons that Rachel uses is one that most of us could relate to: if you go shopping and you aren't budgeting too well, you will over time be in debt. It's the same way with calories: if you don't budge these though- you will gain weight!

I really like that in the latter part of the book, the author shares numerous examples (20!) in the hopes that the reader will change the way that they think about calories in overall! She shares the advice that to "Be patient with yourself and stay the course. The longer you do it, the easier it will become." I feel that is so very true and it's great advice to live one's life by in general!

Lastly, she suggests planning out your meals the night before and using one of the free caloric counters that she also provided in order to get set up properly :) She reminds us, " Remember- it's all or nothing." You can have the foods you love but at the same time also control your caloric intake and loose weight. Rachel concludes, "Becoming an enlightened dieter is about seeing through the clutter and nonsense." I think that fairly sums it up in a nice little nutshell ;)


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