by Christina


Many of us may have personally had our own struggles with dental issues like myself- or know someone who has. I was beyond fortunate to have parents that were able to spend probably too much $$$ on my dental issues growing up, but as I've gotten older the problems have become more frequent and as of late I've had a frequent gum and tooth pain! I've tried various different mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and toothpastes- some of them on the advice of my dentist. Yet, the products I've tried didn't really seem to help all that much or if they did it didn't seem to last! 


When I heard about Livionex, I started to dig for some information and I was very pleased by what I was able to find out. It uses a different idea all together: there are no soaps, detergents, or harsh abraisives, but instead uses a special method called activated edathmil. This method actually reduces the stickiness of plaque to your teeth, which in turn means less bacteria will get stuck to your teeth! It also breaks down this biofilm or bacteria and that actually makes it MORE effective than toothpaste- as in 2.5 times more! To come up with this awesome approach, a research team worked on development of the product for over a decade, working with the University of Texas and the University of California. 



BEST tooth care product that I've used- and I really mean the BEST...hands down!!! I've never used a product that relieved my tooth and gum pain and left my teeth feeling incredibly clean. The condition of my teeth and gums has only gotten better every day that I continue to use the product. Once I tried Livionex one time, I was hooked and never went back to my old toothpaste...I just couldn't!

This product doesn't take but a small little, pea-sized amount and no water is needed! Yeah, that's right- you don't even need water with Livionex. I know it sounds a little odd, but if you get past the initial fact that you aren't using water and don't need to, then you will be VERY glad you tried and this dental gel. The taste is also perfect- just the right amount of a hint of minty-like freshness and it's not overpowering. 

Having a strong taste is often something that bugs me about dental care in general- many of the products out on today's market seem as though they are out to maim you instead of help you! I don't really care to feel as though my mouth is on fire or I need to be in immense pain in order to have a clean mouth! This product just didn't do that AT ALL- it's going to be perfect for ANYONE to use and is super gentle.

The best part? also works! I haven't really found anything else that leaves my teeth feeling so super clean as Livionex does. That's the amazing fact though is that it doesn't use harsh chemicals and rough particles to do its job, yet it does it so well :) I started noticing less tooth and gum pain too after the first use and by the end of the week, it was eliminated. This means that I am cleaning my teeth well and improving the overall health of my teeth AND gums. 

As for drawbacks there was only really one that I could find- the price. It's not really all that cheap at $20 a tube , however I do think that it's going to last me 2-3 months. I will make sure to poast an update on that in the future and reveal how long the entire tube ended up lasting :) If you buy more tubes in one order, you will save a bit more; for example, if you buy a 6-pack then you can get that for a total of $90 or $15 a tube and that IS a 20% discount!

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