by Christina



I decided to ramp it up a little this spring and have some fun with a little more color than I usually go for. I tried to go for brighter and lighter- I've included the list below in addition to why they're my fav's and made my spring list!

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1. urban decay- moondust eye shadow- in ether $20*

*Sephora.com pricing!

One of my favorite makeup products for spring- and a fun spring color! I'm a big fan of Urban Decay in general, so I easily jumped at the chance to try out the Moondust eye shadow! The color Ether was a fabulous choice as it really does have a beautiful and sparkly finish with a silky application too. The shadow lasts really well too, throughout the day- which is rare for these types of shadows. If you don't like a lot of shine with your shadows, I would NOT recommend this shadow at all! It's probably one of the main reasons that I chose it- because it HAS a LOT of shine and sparkle :)

The color goes on a lot more sheer than it appears in the container, but it actually turned out quite nicely. I think that if it was as deep of a color and pigmentation as it appears to be, it might be a little too much! The container is really cutely designed too with a "UD" logo on top of a see-through lid so you have the added bonus of being able to actually see what color is inside without even opening :) At only .05 oz. it could definitely have come with more product, but you don't need much of this product to get a nicely desired effect!


*Special pricing at julep.com !

I really LOVE this lipstick right now! It has really made my lips just feel all-around better :) They have definitely improved in softness and feel and I didn't really have to apply as often as some other lipsticks I've tried. I also think the packaging is super smart and unique with a snap-on magnetic top so that you can be sure not to lose and it snaps right now place with ease! The color Tutu that I listed above and is in the picture (far lft. color!) I chose this spring as it's just so fun and right on target with the new spring trends.

Julep of course makes this great product with all the wonderful quality that I've come to expect, which is another reason why I had to put this on my spring makeup bag list! The color goes on super sheer so its something that might be surprisingly doable for many people in regards to color. Usually, melons can be challenging, but this does have an all-around melon vibe about it that seems as though most would enjoy :)


I was lucky enough to score this concealer/foundation in a kit that I purchased from QVC recently. I really ended up liking this a lot more than I thought I would and now I use it every day as a concealer AND my foundation and it works perfectly! The dispenser lets out a little amount, but that is really all that you would need as it goes a long way! I used a beauty blender sponge to apply and it left my skin with a beautiful, airbrush finish that is hard to match with other liquid make up I've tried in the past.

The color light was a good match for my very light and fair skin tone which was a little bit of a shock too! Most times when I order things like concealers and foundations without actually being able to try on the color first, it usually doesn't work out. There's really no smell either so I liked that even though it was an organic formula and contained Maracuja oil, it didn't have an annoying and bad smell. This product is a great choice for spring as it's a light and airy formula that allows your skin to breath :)


*ulta.com pricing!

I've been a big ...HUGE fan of this product for a while now and I don't think I'm going to stop being any time soon! This is one of the BEST mascaras I've ever used- hands down! It just does exactly what you want it to and makes your lashes so beautiful. They just separate, volumize, fan out, and lengthen and this is rare for a mascara to have ALL of these qualities. The mascara will last throughout the day too so no worries on having to reapply.

Once you have this on, it's on until the end of the day when you can easily remove with soap and water or/and eye makeup remover. I think that one of the key things about this product that sets it apart from others is the wand- it has a unique ball on the end that's excellent for placing, separating, and fanning out each lash with almost no effort. 

5. JULEP FAN BRUSH $19.20*

*Maven pricing at Julep.com!

For under $20 this quality brush just can't be beat! I haven't been able to find a fan brush quite like this one and especially for the price. It IS synthetic bristle composition only, but the quality is there in the bristles so I decided to forgo my usual dedication of avoidance to synthetic brushes. I was glad I made the exception in this case, as I was very happy and pleased with how good of a brush it turned out to be.

It's excellent for finish touches and light blending as well as for highlighting! Since the brush is well constructed, it beats out the competition with the nicely made metal and weighted handle, quality bristles, and solid amount of bristles. This equals a firm brush instead of flimsy one! I haven't run across many fan brushes that are this affordable either



*Maven pricing at Julep.com!

I got this color in one of my recent Julep orders and it's also one of Julep's new spring collection colors! I can see why they chose it as I did- the light, blue, sparkly nail polish color just shouts spring all the way! It's a lot of fun and a color that even those who might normally avoid shiny nail colors would even like.

I used two coats and completed the look with one coat of Julep's gel top coat and my nails looked so cute! If you've had the chance to try Julep's nail polishes you know how great a quality they are! I can apply once at the beginning of the week and make it into the following week before I see any chipping and even have the need to swap out the colors!


I got this as a sample and I fell in love with it with the first use! The product is very easy to use for a cheek stain and comes in a cute glass container with matching color-themed metal lid! It lasts a long time too as I've had the sample for a bit and haven't made of a dent in the product. The secret is in the product itself- it has a light sort of wax light texture to it that only requires you to lightly run your finger across to dispense the product. The color is also really fun for spring and not quite as bright as it looks to be in the packaging. The cheek glaze goes on easily and sheer too!

This means you need little, can build the product to get the desired color you want, and you won't overuse or over do the color! The only drawback I could see with the product is that it could have lasted longer and throughout the day. I found myself sometimes having to reapply once at some point during the day.


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