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Things have been rather hectic around my home lately....the days seem to be flying by! As I am a full-time student and work full-time as well, life can definitely become quite busy for me-even on just the "average" day! That being said, I really wouldn't have life any other way. I enjoy that busyness and keep myself in a constant flurry of action and am always doing something it seems! 

As I near the completion of my B.A., it seems that I also have less and less time available in the day to get done everything that I have on "the list"! I got the wonderful news that I WILL be applying for graduation for the upcoming Fall 2015 semester and I'm beyond excited that the time is actually almost here!

This brings me to the present situation; before I even realized that the month was over, we had arrived in April! I had planned to do this beauty box subscription review from Blissmo during March, but with all of the business and other great reviews and other awesome news to share I was not able to get to it! However, I really wanted to share my thoughts on Blissmo's March organic beauty box, which is why I decided to review the products regardless and see what all of you thought as well!


* pricing!


Sunflower oil, Safflower oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe, Lime Essential oils, & Turmeric.

This is a product which I wasn't all that excited about trying out, but it turned out to be a very nice item! I'm not usually much of a bar soap enthusiast and like to use liquid body soap and facial cleanser so this was a change for me. The soap is focused towards aiding in exfoliation and is a great alternative to some of the soaps that contain more harmful ingredients!

Turmeric is a natural antiseptic as well so this brings the added bonus of glowing skin, a nice light and signature Soap5 scent, and fantastic exfoliation! Rosemary provides therapeutic properties too, which is not something you see often in bar soaps. This Soap5 product is super affordable, highly effective, and organic...what's not to love?!




* pricing> note this is for full-sized product, I received sample size with the box!

This is probably one of the most affordable 100% pure Lavender essential oils that I've seen out of the market. If you're looking for a top-notch essential oil, this is an excellent choice to start with! There are 10 fl. oz. for under $11 so the price is super affordable and the quality is there with Wyndmere. The company prides themselves in aromatherapy items, which is why I think this product is so fantastic! It's highly concentrated as well, so you will have this bottle forever as the product needs to be diluted in order to use :) 

3. wyndmere naturals- vibrant skin exquisitely rejuvenating aromatherapy moisturizing lotion $13.75*

* pricing for full-sized 8 oz. item, I got a sample size!

I actually LOVED this lotion- great scent and Wyndmere didn't overdo the smell at all! Sometimes I have found that as an aromatherapy focused company, some of their product's scents can be too strong for me. This one however was right on the mark and seemed to leave my skin feeling nicely smooth and soft. At under $14 for 8 oz. for the full size bottle, you will get a good, quality product for a decent price!

4. wyndmere naturals mint & rosemary aromatherapy moisturizing lotion $13.75*

* pricing for full size 8oz. bottle, which I only got the sample sized item!

This was a little strong of an scent for me and not preferable for something that I would use as a daily body lotion. The Mint and Rosemary was not a combination that I cared for, but it may work for others okay with no issues! There's a generous amount with the full-sized item at 8 oz. so you will definitely get an affordable and organic product from Wyndmere with this lotion. :) Unlike the above lotion, I would NOT recommend this item for those with sensitive skin as it may cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

5. EARTHWISE BEAUTY- MOROCCAN GARDEN antiwrinkle eye cream $40*

* pricing, full-sized item at 1.7 fl.oz.> there are also travel kits like the one I received in this Blissmo box that actually contained 4 sample sized products from Earthwise Beauty in one kit, which runs $20.

These products were definitely the BEST items in the entire box- hands down! I've never heard of Earthwise beauty and I was a little timid about the products once I took a look at them and also smelled them. I admit that most all of them smelled...well different. I wouldn't even say that they all smelled bad necessarily, but it would have to be something that you can or can't get used to. As they are organic ingredients, I really believe that this is the main reason for the pattern across the board. However, I can forgo that issue as every product that I tried in the kit really worked and there were 4 sample sized items total! This product was no exception.

I didn't absolutely LOVE the smell of this beauty cream, but I could see a nice difference in the overall smoothness of my skin and it did seem to at least slightly soften the lines on my forehead after about a week of application! Out of all 4 of the products in the Earthwise Beauty travel kit, I did like this item the best as it had the nicest smell comparatively and had such a nice and creamy texture.


* pricing for full-sized item!

This moisturizer is fantastic! It's light, has a clean, citrus smell, and seemed to last throughout the day. This is a great moisturizer even for those with sensitive skin and those who are acne and breakout prone as I am! I noticed that I really didn't have any problems arise such as new breakouts, even with daily usage of this moisturizer! That's fairly rare for me, as most moisturizers tend to break me out and I can't use them every day like I could this moisturizer! 


* pricing for full-sized product!

THIS is THE BEST PRODUCT IN THE BOX...if you can get past the smell then you will really see some results! I say that right off the bat though as this might be a problem for some with this product in particular out of the kit. The smell is very unique, slightly strong, and brings to mind dill!?! It's not something that you may choose right away to put on your face, but if you don't give this product a try- you will miss out! I was definitely hesitant at first, but after the first application I was regretful I didn't try it sooner!

I could see and feel an immediate difference in the smoothness and look/feel of my skin where I had applied, scrubbed, and rinsed off! I used this specifically in the areas that I was acne prone and breakouts usually occurred like my chin and it knocked out any breakouts at all for the next week! I've kept using this scrub/mask since and I've almost eliminated my acne and breakouts..period. I'm a BIG fan of this product and I will be buying the full-sized mask once the sample is almost gone!

8. earthwise beauty- chamomile and french lavender organic face gel & serum $40*

* pricing for full size item!

This was my least favorite item in the entire kit...AND box :( It wasn't because of the effectiveness though, as it did seem very cooling and soothing when applied. But, I just could not get past the smell AT ALL on this face gel from Earthwise Beauty! It just didn't do it for me with lavender and chamomile it smelled strange and I felt as though I was putting a weird smelling, yet cooling gel on my skin and that did not work out at all. This product was not for me, although I would not completely discount the item as some may prefer chamomile and/or lavender! Personally though, I didn't care for it.


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