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Having lived in the southern part of the country for quite some time and living in Texas most of those years, I've definitely looked forward to this season! It doesn't last long at all here, if we even have a spring at all- so the few nice cool spring-like days we do have I truly tend to enjoy! I guess that might be my reasoning to continuing to find ways to prolong that nice cool and relaxing feeling you rarely get here in my state. That's why I've also recently looked for unique and fun ways to relax, stay cool and refreshed, and enjoy a cool spring afternoon- even if it isn't one ;) One easy way that I've discovered you can do that, is to have a soothing and relaxing bath or shower with some lux bath/body products! A fantastic beauty product I found not too long ago, is from Rituals and I absolutely LOVE this shower gel. Not only is a lux bath product, but it's perfect for those long, hot summer days that are soon approaching! :0

did you know about rituals?!

They've been around since 2000, which I was actually totally unaware of myself! Their founder, Raymond Cloosterman began the company due to his passion to make the daily routines in our lives better by paying attention to even the smallest of details when it comes to bringing together home and body beauty products! They offer a variety of products including candles, clothes, scents, teas, and even makeup :) 

Their collections tend to focus on Eastern traditions, with specifically selected ingredients and formulas based on ancient knowledge. This in turn, creates a unique approach to Eastern traditions and results in products. A good example can be found in the company's embracing of the Ayuvedic principles with their teas, body scrubs, and aromatic oils. Rituals prefers to use natural, renewable, and organic ingredients in their products and if nothing is available they will choose safe alternatives!

Rituals doesn't stop there though! They NEVER test on animals and support the Dutch Society for Replacement of Animal Testing! The company DOES however have their products tested by prominent dermatologists and their product lines are safe for vegans! Their product packaging even uses wood from sustainable sources, with FSC-certified paper, cardboard, and glass when at all possible. Rituals takes pride in that they try to make as little of a carbon footprint on the environment by choosing to manufacturer most of their items in Europe.

Recently they've done something that I think is very important for all of us if we are fortunate enough to do it, it to give back to those who are NOT as fortunate! Rituals believes in this value as well and have began to be part of the Tiny Miracles Foundation in Mumbai which is in dire need of improved well-being of its citizens. They've started to create permanent changes by establishing a complete and operating Health Clinic :)



I really LOVE this shower gel and it's become one of my fav's since trying! It's super refreshing and the smell is wonderful. Even if you don't prefer the scent of Cherry Blossoms you might like this shower gel, as the scent if light on the Cherry Blossom and heavier on the Rice Extract and I think that's what balances out the scent nicely. The bottle is well-designed and beautiful- it was very easy to dispense the product with the nicely made pump bottle; it even came with it's own lock during shipment in order to prevent leakage from the pump depressing!

The product really leaves you skin feeling soft and moisturized and you will see a difference in smoothness and softness of your skin with the first usage. I noticed that it lasted throughout the day too, which I was really impressed by as most times this is far from the case with shower gels. If they contain oils in the shower gel, there can be times when it will stain or leave an oily-like residue on your skin and for this reason I don't tend to prefer bath gels that contain oils, but Rituals did a great job of putting together a high-quality product that didn't leave an annoying residue or unpleasant staining behind!

It's very affordable too- for only $15, you will get over 6.5 ounces which means even with daily usage you shouldn't go through the product too quickly. I save this for days when I want to taking a relaxing hot bath or long shower so I can actually enjoy using it :) This shower gel is excellent for a spa-at-home day and would make a great Mother's Day gift too! I would highly recommend this product from Rituals to anyone and giving another product in their line is something I'm going to do in the near future myself! ;)

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