by Christina


I was unaware of the history of this awesome beauty tool and how it came to be, but I had wondered how exactly it had come into existence. Their use can be found back as far as 3000 BCE in Mesopotamia & India, also in predynastic Egypt, and there's even evidence of the Romans using tweezers as well! I really had no idea that this tool was utilized so far back! The word itself is of French origin- Etwee , meaning "small case" and was eventually accepted as the word "tweeze" in the English language as a verb. 

different types:

  1. BLUNT TIP- These have an end that is rounded and is excellent for getting something that's pointed for example, from getting untangled.
  2. FLAT TIP- This type of tweezer is great for removing splinters and is usually going to have an angled tip.
  3. NEEDLE TIP- The tip of these tweezers will be very pointed/sharp and is primarily good for reaching into small spaces/crevices.
  4. CURVED TIP- They are also called bent forceps {most commonly used in medical field}.
  5. MICROTWEEZERS- With super tiny, pointed tips, these are great for manipulating tiny hairs!
  6. ELECTRIC- If you want to prevent new hair from actually growing, these will damage hair roots by sending an electrical signal through the tweezer's tip.
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bonus product review:

klip*pro super grip fish tweezer


* pricing w/Prime membership.

I was happy to actually find a good pair of tweezers again! I say that as the last couple of tweezers that I've tried, did not work out. They either didn't work very well, or were poorly constructed- and I actually paid fairly decent money for them! I was a little hesitant that these would be wonderful, especially because they were super cute. I know that sometimes you can sacrifice effectiveness when things get cute in the beauty world.

I'm not sure why this is, as I've always felt that I was willing to pay a little more for the "cuteness factor" if it also meant the product worked. It just seems however, that's not always the case :/ These tweezers didn't fit that mold at all and I noticed that right away when i took them out the of the packaging. They are well-made and put together with care and you can tell! They're made from stainless steel and the fish design makes for a perfect ergonomic fit in your hand for easy plucking.

Another great thing I liked about these was that they didn't pinch my skin too when using; I've run across this at times with the cheaper tweezers or ones that were not put together well and it makes for quite a painful experience! Lastly, the price can't be beat and since it comes with a lifetime guarantee- it's a fantastic beauty investment that you know will really last :) I'd recommend these to anyone, male or female and they'd make the perfect gift too!

where you can score this awesome tool:

tweezer helpful tips & tricks:

  1. Try plucking when right out of the shower or you can dampen skin with warm water as well- this will allow the hairs to come out more easily!
  2. If you have no way to pluck after getting out of the shower, then you could try using Orajel for example to help lessen the pain before you go to tweezing!
  3. Make sure you have the CORRECT tweezers to do the job! This is KEY- a slanted style for example will work well for plucking eye brows.
  4. AVOID closeups when plucking and tweezing! You may think just the opposite would be true, however if you can't see the hairs up that close then neither can others and you may just end up OVER tweezing :(
  5. Hold you skin taunt in order to prevent possible excess pulling on the skin!
  6. You DO want to pull IN the DIRECTION of your hair's natural growth- if you try going "against the grain" you may end up with tearing, damage, and pain :/