by Christina


I was pretty skeptical myself...but don't worry- I'm definitely going to explain what all of this is about. I should however lay some ground work and background about how I got here to even giving this device an honest try AND what I'm talking about when I say "renewal negative ion"! For starters, I've heard about these devices and actually knew about them years ago, but I was extremely doubtful something like was actually effective and I never gave it a chance. Lately though, I have started to think about healthy yet different approaches to my skin care and makeup routines. I thought perhaps that I would give this approach a second look and I started doing some serious research. 


Renewal Negative Ion Therapy is utilized through devices such as the Eye Massager and is a type of a cosmetic electrotherapy called Micro- current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation or MENS. This kind of therapy is also called Micro-electrotherapy or the "non-surgical facelife" and has been around since the 70's! Millionths of an amp are pulsed through the skin in order to act like the body's own bio-electric currents.

Depending on the voltage and frequency, different affects can be achieved; this is because the waveform shape is changed and in turn affects the skin in different ways! A small but direct current is actually passed through the muscle tissue, which is why this type of treatment has been proven to work. The main focus of these treatments is to: re-freshen skin, improve issues with acne, reduce scars and stretch marks as well as damage from the sun, toning of skin, and even to soften lines/wrinkles!

The International Dermal Institute advises that there has been promising research in the areas of improvement of muscle tone in the face and neck, lift jowels and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial circulation, and even give products a better penetration into the skin. Bottom line: this therapy does appear to be a truly effective beauty treatment that's proven, affordable, and a LOT safer alternative to going under the knife :)

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I absolutely couldn't wait to try out this unique beauty tool to see about it for myself! After doing the research and seeing that it's something that could really work for me and is super effective, I could hardly hold my excitement while waiting for it to arrive. The model that I chose, EM-200 has 200 Hz with a 1.5V working [voltage] and that puts it in the middle of the current range and frequency availability. This particular model is battery powered, but only takes one AAA battery; you can use the one that comes with the massager or you can do what I went with- my own rechargeable AAA battery!

It's lightweight at 30 grams so you won't have to feel like you're handling something that's cumbersome and bulky. When it comes to how easy it is to use, this is probably my favorite thing about the product- you place your hand on the metallic bar and then gently press the other end to your skin. Once you are making sure that your hand is in contact with the metal on the tool and the other end touches your skin, you will hear and feel a light and quick pulsing and vibrating.

It's a gentle motion and not uncomfortable or painful as I thought that it might be! You can use this tool on other areas of the face other than just the under eye area like around the lips too :) The whole process takes about 3-5 minutes total and you're done in a snap. I started to see a difference with the first usage of the device- my eyes looked a lot less-tired and the under eye area was smoothed as well. I also saw an improvement in brightness and tightening of skin after the first use and every time I used the tool I noticed a slight improvement.

As for some of the small lines that I've started to see around my under eye area, I did see a slight softening of the lines but I do feel that I'd probably have to use this device for a longer period to see more significant results in that area. I am going to continue to use so I will update you with those improvements as I go along! I will say that I definitely am going to continue to use and that I do like the ease of use and effectiveness thus far. I would recommend this as a beauty tool for anyone to try as it's fairly foolproof, you really will see and feel results, and it's affordable. 

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