by Christina


Tamanu oil comes from the tamanu tree and is originally from tropical Southeast Asia and can also be found in Thailand, the Polynesian islands, South India, and some areas of Malaysia. The short tree only blooms twice a year and when it does, there's a strong fragrance emitted that contain white flowers- yielding yellowish round-shaped fruit.

The Tamanu oil comes from the kernels of the nut itself; they are usually dried by the sun for a couple of months until a thick, rich, and dark substance is produced- the oil. Tamanu oil has 3 basis lipid: phospholipids, neutral lipids, and glycolipids; there are fatty acids called calophyllic acids as well and this unique combination of fatty acids and lipids makes up Tamanu oil's coumarins- its anti-inflammatory beneficial properties.


The oil's primary usage is for skin care and it has fantastic overall healing properties for the skin. It can actually aid in the creation of new skin tissue, heal cuts and burns, improve conditions with acne, and provides great moisturization as well. The benefits don't stop there though! This awesome oil can aid in healing sunburns, improving skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and even helping with insect bites and stings. Because of it's wonderful absorption rate, Tamanu oil is ideal for use in lotions, ointments, and other skin care products; the oil has a nice scent that's light and mild too!



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 I've really enjoyed this eye cream thus far and have made it a go-to item in my skin care regimen...AND it contains Tamanu oil! The new packaging is something I like too- Yalmeh has recently made an update to it and there are two sizes offered- a 15 gram for $16.25 AND a 30 gram for the pricing mentioned above. It's very thick, but has a light-whipped feeling when put on :)

This is perfect as it means you don't have to use a lot of the product to achieve results. I saw an immediate difference in tone and brightness in my under eye area after the first usage. With continued usage I've seen tightening and smaller pores in addition to great moisturization. My negative ion massager for my under eye area works wonderfully in tandem with this product too. I started using this Super Youth Eye Cream in the mornings when I get up, right before I'm ready to use the ion massager.

This beauty tool helps "push" the eye cream deeper into the skin and improves the effectiveness of the product. I've tried using some other products for the under eye area to go along with the usage of the massager, but I had not had much luck thus far until I thought of trying out this one! It actually turns out that it's absolutely perfect in combination with the negative ion tool and I ended up really loving how it turned out.

There's a light scent to the cream, but it's pleasant and not too overpowering- after drying there's virtually no scent at all. There are no dyes either so this is something that should be okay for even those with sensitive skin to use. This eye cream from Yalmeh is also super affordable so you aren't going to have to spend much to get results :) As a GMO-free skin care product with all natural ingredients, this is definitely one that I'd consider for your next eye cream!