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I should probably explain myself a little bit here before I even tell you all about moisturizers, organic products, or even Aveeno. I absolutely LOVE skincare and beauty products, but sometimes I admit I can pay too much for them! Of course there are times when I understand there's a fantastic product out there that's worth the price, however I know I probably could be more vigilant about seeking these products out more often!

Let's take my moisturizers for example; I have quite a few of them and I might have spent a little too much on more than one! I decided recently that this was a product that I was perhaps willing to find something that was comparable, yet affordable :) I chose more specifically to look for a good, organic formula that I wasn't as pricey. That's when I decided to give Aveeno a try; I'd heard a LOT about this brand for several years and seen their commercials, but I'd never actually used their products before...

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the aveeno back story:


Aveeno started up in 1945 by brothers Albert and Sidney Musher; Albert was an American inventor and his broth a philanthropist. They were both very curious about what made things work and the way in which substances interacted with each other. The brothers also held a strong belief that ancient remedies were the key to health and well-being.

Albert and Sidney were in fact responsible for the now-recognized treatment by the Mayo Clinic for eczema- a finely milled oatmeal bath! They came up with the name by using the Latin word for oat- Avena sativa. Aveeno prides themselves in utilizing natural ingredients that are top-notch quality. The company also has made a pledge to keep environmentally conscious guidelines in place, such as less packaging materials, using recycled and recyclable materials, and even beautification.

bonus product review:

aveeno daily moisturizing sheer hydration lotion $9.49*

* pricing for 18 fl oz size; 12 fl oz @ $6.99!

This lotion really did surprise me for price! It's not greasy at all, it doesn't have a scent- not one little bit, and it's comedogenic! That means you can afford this stuff, it's great for your skin, and even if you have beyond sensitive skin you can still use this product daily and you will have no issues ;) It's very lightweight and feels wonderfully silky; it dries in about 2 minutes so you can put on clothing fairly quickly after putting this product on.

I would however recommend that the lotion be allowed to fully dry, as it may cause some staining if you do! This was probably the only issue I found with the product and it only occurred on a silkier article of clothing, but it was very difficult to get out. If you let it dry though, you should be in "the clear" and not staining will occur.

I must note too that even though it can stain if not completely dry on the skin, it doesn't leave an annoying film or oily residue behind :) If you're looking for a nice organic alternative to the more expensive body lotions out there, this is DEF one to give a try! I'd even recommend this one for kiddos and guys as well- there's no scent and it's excellent for sensitive skin which makes an a product that anyone would enjoy :)

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