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I think most of us could claim by now to be close to if not already experts in this area. BUT...I was quite surprised myself on some things I didn't know about face washes- like what they put in them for example or what ingredients and types of face washes are actually best for my skin! I'd like to share with all of you what I've picked up through the years in hopes that I might save you the frustration that I often experienced on my quest to find the perfect face wash and a skin care regimen that really worked as it should :)


I really had NO idea about the origins of facial cleansers, but it turns out that its fairly interesting! The story goes as far back as the early 1800's with a man named Michel Eugene Chevreul; he was able to figure out the relationships between fatty acids, glycerine, and fats which in turn resolved the chemical structure of soap. This allowed for it to be further researched by German scientists who in 1916, discovered synthetic agents that allowed for soap-free chemicals to clean without the usage of mineral salts. These agents created by these scientists paved the way for facial cleansing products to be made! Dove was the first company in the 1970's, to introduce a creamy soap that contained fat; Dove was also the first to create the "beauty bar". Other companies quickly followed in droves, making their own versions of the Dove's beauty bar for facial cleansing. 

facial cleansing quick tips:

  1. MAKE SURE you have the RIGHT facial cleanser for your skin!!! This is KEY- if you don't start out with the right kind of cleanser, then you won't get the results you're looking for.
  2. Try to AVOID perfumes and dyes, in addition to harsh abrasives if at ALL possible! This is good to do, even if you don't necessarily have sensitive skin as with daily usage you may cause drying and skin irritation without even realizing it!
  3. I recommend 1-2 times daily for cleaning your face. There is the motto of there being too much of a good thing and this fits perfectly in this situation. You CAN overdo it with facial cleansing and just cause more drying and skin eruptions :/
  4. Using a tool, such as a Konjac sponge is a great addition to help aid in making the most out of your face wash's effectiveness; you can use your fingers, but you may see quite a difference in the way at which a sponge is able to get deeper into pores where dirt and oil are trapped.
  5. Dampening your face BEFORE you begin will help prevent irritation and make it easier to evenly spread your cleanser.
  6. When rinsing, do NOT FORGET about your hairline and neck areas too!!! These can often be forgotten and this where the remaining cleanser and dirt will sometimes rest on your face after using your cleanser.
  7. Use a TOWEL to pat GENTLY on the face- try to keep from rubbing or dragging the towel as this can cause skin irritation.
  8. Try using look-warm water instead of hot water as this can actually dry out skin more, plus extreme temperatures and cause skin irritation and damage too.

what is the best face cleanser

for my skin type?

. OILY > go for formulas that contain exfoliating beads for example, that can aid in clearing clogged pores and stay away from cleansers with oil bases; look for those that balance your skin and attack oil.


2. combination > try formulas that contain ingredients like tea tree oil and lavender as it will help with keeping the oilier t-zone from getting worse, but not drying out the parts of your face that don't really get oily!


3. dry > be on the lookout for products that lend a helping hand with hydration- ingredients such as macadamia and jojoba oil can provide wonderful moisturization.


4. sensitive > the trick to finding a good facial cleanser for you, is to seek out those that are void of all dyes, artificial perfumes, and any irritants that could cause more harm and irritation to your skin than you might already be experiencing! Stick with something that's soap free and organic & natural formulas and your skin will thank you :)


5. breakout-prone > alcohol is a very big culprit in many formulas for those with breakouts and acne issues; It actually does more harm than good! use products that are gentle and have ingredients like vitamin e for moisturization and healing properties. A cleanser that has for example a 10% benzoyl peroxide base will greatly aid in reducing breakouts too!

bonus product review:

olay {Shine, Shine go away!} shine minimizing cleanser  $ 5.99

Sometimes there are those products that are surprisingly cheap...AND effective- this is DEF one of those cases! I was VERY shocked at how fabulously well this cleanser to Olay turned out :) It's a very cream formula and is a cross between grey and sheeny-white that give it a very unique color and texture combination.

It has a nice clean scent and does remind me slightly of Olay's signature scent with white tea and honeysuckle! At such a great price for a 5 fl oz. tube, you'd be surprised how easy this cleanser will make you skin care routine ;) I noticed with the first usage the instant tightness and pore minimization I'm usually looking for, but never seem to find in the affordable cleansers!

There's no residue or feeling of dirt left behind, but it DOES leave a very nice softness in its place. I used a Konjac sponge with mine and it lathered up very well; it's very easy to rinse off as well so you won't sit there for several minutes just trying to wash it off. I have super sensitive skin myself and this cleanser didn't seem to irritate my skin either like many of the cheaper face cleansers tend to do. If you're looking for a less-expensive face cleanser alternative, this is a fantastic option!

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