by Christina


Mine certainly did! I didn't realize how much using a facial cleanser that isn't right for your skin can really cause more issues and frustration. There are SO many out there to choose from, it's easy to see how it seems almost an impossible task to accomplish- finding just the perfect cleanser for your skin that doesn't dry it out, cause irritation or more breakouts, and doesn't necessarily break the bank! I've tried quite a few of them myself- different brands and types: foaming, creams, gels, powders, and more.

Most of the time the end result is that they either don't work or they work for a while and then just seem to stop working. My breakouts come back when this happens and as many of us know, it isn't pretty when it does. I recently decided that there had to be a better way of solving the issue and I set out to use a different approach with my entire skincare regimen. For starters, I chose to begin with my cleanser and set out to find something much more suitable- and better for my skin. The end results have been fantastic :)

I learned to do much more thorough research about ingredients, products, and brands; I also tried to consciously to keep an open mind too about trying new methods and products with more organic ingredients. This is where I really started to see the difference; when I began to utilize products with a more organic and natural approach I could see the changes too. Something new that I discovered about my facial cleaning routine that has also made a huge difference, is that I have a few cleansers that I cycle through depending on the time of year, environment, and how my skin is doing. This has allowed for me to adjust to the ongoing changes to my skin and I've seen a lot of improvements.

Recently, I went in-store to one of my favorite beauty stores- Sephora and I spoke with a wonderfully knowledgeable associate. Not only did she share with me some great information about some excellent choices for cleansers for those with sensitive skin, she suggested a couple of options for me to try as well. I decided to go with the Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty and I thought it would be great to let all of you know what my thoughts were about the product after giving it a try :) I've used the product now for about 2 weeks- check out my end verdict below...

first aid beauty face cleanser

5 oz. $20* pricing.

There are 3 sizes for this cleanser ranging from a 1 ounce size to the above mentioned 5 ounce size and that's something that I really can appreciate right off the bat. The smallest option if under $6 so you don't even have to fully commit to the $20 until you actually try the product out first! With no Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates, the formula is a top-notch option for those with sensitive skin and should cause no issues. I have beyond sensitive skin and this product caused no over-drying or irritation as I had expected it to- a lot of the creamier type of cleansers have done this to me in the past!

You might have to use a little more than you are used to with the facial cleanser in order to get a good foaming action going, as I did notice that this seemed to be really the only drawback to the product. It doesn't suds up as much as I'd like, but I realize this also might have something to do with it's formula for sensitive skin. When product don't contain things like sulfates, they do tend to have a lot less foaminess to them, so you are NOT going to really get that with this product. However, don't let that missing foaming action fool you; once you rinse it the product away you're going to be able to feel and see that your face IS clean.

This cleanser does an absolutely wonderful job at that and leaves your face feeling ultra clean and super soft. As for the scent, there really is none as the product is fragrance free which means the only thing left behind is a light clean and fresh scent that does remind me slightly of bar soap. Its fairly easy to rinse off too so you won't spend aimless extra minutes during you skincare routing rinsing it off too :) Overall, I would say this is a new product to add to my face wash arsenal and something that I can afford as well! If you have sensitive skin or know someone who does, this would be a perfect facial cleanser to give a try. 

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