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There were actually a few things I didn't know about acne that I thought I might share as I myself have experienced this issue myself for many years. I understand what the frustration of breakouts and acne issues can bring and if I can help anyone else in their quest for clearer skin or just having a better skin care routine, then I want to share any awesome tips and tricks I've learned along the way!

Acne IS actually the MOST COMMON type of skin condition here in the United States and the number of adults having acne issues is growing too! The American Academy of Dermatology states that the growing number of adults includes an increasing number of women in their 30's- 50's + are having acne problems as well.

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It's usually classified into 3 groups- mild, moderate, and severe; Infectious Acne, Acne Excorie, and Cystic Acne are forms as well. Acne Excorie is actually caused by high stress levels as an individual may even pick at the pimples due to this stress, making it worse! Infectious Acne is brought on by a bacterium, but the entire process and the exact role of the bacterium is not entirely clear. Cystic Acne is can also be called severe acne as it often results in painful and sometimes larger bumps that are lying under the skin; these can leave behind scars once the lesion has disappeared.



There are 3 scales that rate or grade the level of acne severity and include: Leeds acne grading techniques, Cook's acne grading scale, and the Pillsburry scale. The Leeds acne grading counts and then categorizes the lesions into ranges of inflammatory and non-inflammatory, from 0-10.0; the Cook's acne grading system utilizes photos to determine the level of severity, on a scale from 0-8- with 8 being the most severe. The Pillsburry scale is probably the most simplistic way of grading acne severity in that uses a scale of 1-4, with 1 being and the least severe and 4 is the most severe. 

the awesome benefits of activated charcoal for your skin:

What it can do for your skin is just awesome: it works by using the process of adsorption in which atoms actually move from a solid or liquid to a solid/liquid surface. This means that activated charcoal acts as a power magnet for impurities to be drawn out while pores are deeply penetrated! It has been shown in some studies to absorb 100-200 times its weight in toxins. Activated Coal can even be placed on sores, wounds, and bites to help aid in healing. 




This cleanser is packed full of organic ingredients and the power of activated charcoal that really sets it apart. The pump bottle makes it a cinch to dispense just what you need too! Although the formula comes out as a gel-like substance with a dark purplish tint, it doesn't end up on the skin that way. Once you suds up the gel, it foams up nicely and rinses off just as easily. There is a slightly different scent to the wash than you might be used to and this is due to the activated charcoal; you won't notice this at all though once you rinse off the product and instead a nice clean scent is left in its place :)

Your face will feel very soft just after the first usage and I saw an immediate reduction in pore size too. By the third day I had been using this facial cleanser, I really saw what a difference it was making- I'd had no breakouts whatsoever! The trend has in fact continued and I haven't had one breakout since I started using the product a few weeks ago. I'd say this is a miracle considering that I have always had at least one breakout no matter how religiously I had cleansed my face and used additional products!

At $23 the face wash is VERY affordable and since it's effective you're paying a decent price for a product that really works :) If you have sensitive skin and may be hesitant to give this one a try, I can attest to it being perfect as I have the same issues! The formula is designed for those with these issues with a 70% organic composition, the first and foremost ingredient being Organic Aloe Vera. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with ongoing breakout and acne issues, sensitive skin, or you just want to improve you daily cleaning routine- this would be an excellent choice :)

where you can score this awesome cleanser:


I wanted to included just a little bit about who the company is and what they stand for, as I always feel that's super important when it comes to who you choose for your beauty and skincare needs. Michael Todd was actually started by the entrepreneur Lewis Hendler, who also co-founded the world wide hair accessory brand Scunci.

He set out to create products that not only are composed of natural ingredients, but also deliver fantastic results! He believes that the key to getting fantastic skincare results is through finding the perfect blend of active and organic ingredients. Michael Todd's formulas are free from Parabens, Sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and artificial dyes as a result and you can really see this commitment to quality.

When it comes to the base of their products, Michael Todd has chosen to use 100% Certified Organic Aloe Vera versus other brands and product lines that choose to use water, alcohol, or mineral oils as their first ingredient. This is really what sets them apart when it comes to organic skin care- they really pay attention to what goes into their products!

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