by Christina

have you tried monthly subscription boxes?...

I admit that I used to have a dislike towards beauty box subscriptions in general, but just as many of us often do- I've changed my mind...I've decided that they might have their benefits after all! Don't get me wrong- not ALL of them are what they're cracked up to be or what they claim, however I decided that being simply close-minded about the whole idea of a monthly subscription service was not the way to go. After all, I LOVE all things beauty and as much $$$ as I spend currently, I thought that I might be able to find a way to try some of the lux brands I want without having the price commitment.

I set out by researching some of the different boxes offered and signed up a for a couple of discounted of free trials to see which ones I liked and if the monthly subscription box services were really for me. Thus far, I've tried Julep, Blissmo, AdoreMe, JustFab, Scentbird, and Graze! I'm not quite sure how the list has gotten so long, but in the end I suppose that I've had a bit of fun along the way and before I knew it I'd tried more than I'd planned on! Julep is a great Makeup and Skincare subscription service that I'm still a member of today- over a year later; I've really enjoyed the service and it's customization and points plan that allows you to get free Maven boxes and other items.

Blissmo is a great option for organic beauty products, although you won't always get entirely full-sized items in each box; there are usually 2-3 items per box that are trial-sizes, but the products are for the most part well-chosen. I am still a member of Blissmo as well and started the service shortly after I began Julep. As for Just Fab, this is probably the BEST monthly subscription service that I'm part of and I've been a member for 3 years. What I think is great about this subscription, is that you can find SUPER CUTE shoes at fantastic prices!! I've gotten more compliments on my shoes from JustFab than from any other brand- seriously! You can skip ANY month you like and you can earn points too that will allow you to get unique items for members-only.

As for AdoreMe and Scentbird, I did try these services out for 1 month each and did enjoy both- yet I just didn't see enough value in continuing on with these on a monthly basis. I may order another month of ScentBird in the future if I do need another fragrance, but I don't purchase these often enough to make this something I'd do every month. I feel similarly about AdoreMe as it's a great option to get score cute lingerie on a monthly basis, but again it was something that I didn't really feel the need of purchasing every month.

Then there's GlossyBox....I'd heard of this service and had thought about giving it a go in the past, but I'd yet to try it! I've seen quite a few reviews on the service and some of them weren't good. I also know though, that doesn't always mean that something is bad when you see a few bad reviews. To get the best picture and truest form of a review, there are times when you must get a first-hand experience . Since I've given so many other monthly services a try and I ended up liking most of them, I came to the decision to see what Glossybox was about...


The company was founded in Germany by Charles von Abercron in 2011 and in just a year and a half, GlossyBox had sent out it's 2 millionth box! They're now present in 16 countries and have now shipped over 5 million boxes = one GlossyBox sold every 12 seconds! Their brands list is extensive and includes product from: Alterna, Benefit, AmorePacific, Calvin Klein, dr.brandt, essie, juice BEAUTY, Julep, mark., tarte, and more!


There are 3 types of subscriptions that GlossyBox offers: $21 a month as a monthly package, $126 for a 6-month subscription, and you can purchase a year package for $222. The packages are recurring, unless you cancel them within the term deadline- I found this to be a drawback as it is with many other box services. Also, if you're in Canada, be prepared to pay an extra $5 in shipping fees :/ One PLUS about the method of payment though, is that GlossyBox DOES allow for PayPal AND credit cards too.

Many services won't allow for you to use PayPal at all, so I did like that they let you use this method in addition to just a credit card! You MUST cancel or "skip" by the 14th of each month, or your card will be automatically billed on the monthly subscription. Again, this isn't that big of deal for me and I remember fairly easily, but it's something that IF you forget- your card will get charged regardless.

You will generally get your box about 10-17 days after your card is charged, around the 14th or so of the month; I did get my first box around this time-frame as well. GlossyBox does offer GlossyDots which are points that add up for referring friends and box orders/subscriptions will earn "dots" too. These can be used towards regular monthly GlossyBoxes, BUT they can't be used towards Limited Edition or gift boxes.




Overall I was very pleased with the choices in my first box and I will most likely get another one in the future. I'd say it would be placed into my top 3 so I'll definitely be ordering another monthly box very soon! There were a couple of items that I am not sure that I would have necessarily picked to go into the box, but they were all decent choices and the colors of the products worked well too. I do wish that there had been perhaps at least one more full-sized item in the box, but for $21 it's not too bad of a deal as those 2 full-sized items for May's box totaled $34 alone :) 




This was hands down my FAV item in the entire box. I absolutely LOVED the packaging that it arrived in and the cute, delicate decor on the glass bottle as well made for nice touches. I did like the color too, even though I tend to go to brighter or shinier colors. The nice thing about this color is that is going to go with anything and makes for a trendy summer color as well. As for the brush- it's wonderfully made and makes for fantastic application- however the lasting power of this product was only about 3 days for me and then it began to chip. I've really only run into a couple of brands who outlast 3-4 days! 


This was my 2nd BEST item in the box, as I REALLY LOVED the color and feel of the lipstick. I'm not usually much of a lipstick fan, but this one is still a winner! It's right on trend with the summer colors and has a beautiful container too. It conditions well for a lipstick and looks awesome under lip gloss!


This was probably my LEAST fav product in the entire box and it's not for the reason you might think. It's a fairly decent product and it seemed to work well in regards to exfoliation. Yet, this product has a terrible flaw: you can't SEE WHERE you are putting it! :( It's absolutely clear and although there are some micro-scrubbing beads in the formula, they are also clear and thus quite difficult to see as well! It's even harder to get off of your skin and although I did love how soft and smooth my skin was left feeling after using the product, I decided that this wasn't something I was going to commit to in the future. I'll stick with some of the other scrubs that I already am using and contain more organic ingredients and I can actually see them in use too!


This would be my top third product in this month's GlossyBox :) It smells absolutely awesome with a sort of fruity-apple like scent. I noticed this right away as it was something that is stronger than you might expect, but this didn't seem to bother me once it was on my face and neck area at all. I was slightly reluctant that I wouldn't have an allergic reaction due to the stronger scent, but I had not issues! I let the product dry for about 10 minutes and as the directions also stated you can leave it on for about 10-15 minutes once a thin layer is coated on your neck and face. It was fairly easy to rinse the product off, although I do wish it was a little easier to see. This Powermud did have a slight light greenish tint to it, but it could have been made a little darker so as to get it off with ease. I felt as though I might have had to work harder because of this, but the results were wonderful which is why I let that go with this product :) I could feel the tightness on my face before I even rinsed off this mask, but once I got removed it- I felt an immediate difference in skin softness, smoothness, plumpness, and moisture! My pores shrank to almost nothing and that's a feat for me. I loved the way my skin felt overall after I used this mask every time; this is a product I will end up forking over the $$$ for the full-sized product once the trial size I received in my GlossyBox is gone.


Although this is the last product I'm reviewing out May's GlossyBox, it's definitely not because I don't love it's awesome effectiveness! I actually knew about this product before it came in this month's box, but I was super happy that it came with it. Although the product that arrived was only a trial-sized version, it will still last me quite a while as it doesn't take a whole lot of this hairspray to work! It will take hold well and keep it all day- even it decent humidity. As I live in an area where it's over 100 degrees the majority of the summer and beyond, I can attest to how well StylBrid 9 works.