by Christina


The official start of summer is June 1st, but I think that we are already feeling that summer heat here in Texas! It's already been in the 90's and we've had stormy weather and tornadoes with an unusual and early frequency this year that tells me we're in for the long haul this hot season. I've always had the challenges of extreme heat, moisture, and humidity where I live during this time and realized that a great way to combat that heat is to be ready for it! 

To start out, I begin making changes to my skincare and makeup routine to keep breakouts at bay and ensure that my skin stays looking its best- even through these tough summer months! I also make adjustments to my workout regimen and even what I'm eating too which really seems to make the difference. This makes for an easy acclimation for mind and body to the changing and challenging environment that summer can bring :)

I thought it would be awesome to share some of the items that I like to gather together right before the start of the season...I've found some fantastic Summer Must-Have's that you will need and there might be a couple of things in there just for fun too! As for affordability, I also tried to make sure that my Top 10 Essentials for Summer wouldn't break the bank either- there are however a couple of items that didn't make that cut as they were just too cute for me to resist! ;)

top 10 essentials for summer:

1. tildon ombre floppy hat [nordstom] $38

I just LOVE the price AND look of this hat- it's right on point with this season's trends and does an awesome job at protecting your delicate for the harsh sun's rays! Not only will you look cute and stylish, you won't have to spend tons of cash to do it :) Anything that prevents skin cancer is an important benefit that should NOT be overlooked- plus who wants to show the signs of aging prematurely?!? This hat IS in stock currently at Nordstrom, but I imagine at this price not for long!

2. JULEP "MANDA"- BOHO GLAM NAIL POLISH $14 *Sky blue w/golden shimmer

This is a fun nail color that is perfect for summer! Julep's polishes are made with an excellent quality and two good coats will usually last me past a week! The fantastic thing about this product is you are using something that contains ingredients that are better for your nails and does NOT contain harmful stuff like formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP!

This item is NOT out yet for sale on the site unless you're a Maven and got with your May Maven Box, however they usually release the new colors once those boxes have been shipped out- I expect they will make it available any day now as it's currently listed on their site with "Coming Soon" under the product details.



Out of all the numerous sports bottles- especially fruit infusers, I can easily see how it might be a challenge to find the best one out there. This one thus far, seems to be a hit for me- it's well-made and will stand up to the test of time. It's also designed nicely with a good strap and completely breaks down so that you can easily wash it.

There's a re-freezable base that will keep your fruit cold if you so choose. Define thought of something that a LOT of other brands haven't when it comes to fruit infusers: it actually fits in a standard cup holder :) They took care even in what the container is composed of as it's BPA & Phosphate-free, estrogenic-activity-free, and androgenic-activity-free! 

4. HELEN FIcalora SMall scallop shell necklace [sterling silver] $75~Charm & $40~18 in. chain 


This is one of the pricier items on my list, but I couldn't resist adding this adorable "splurge" to my Top 10 Essentials for Summer :) For both the chain and charm, you can however score this cute Small Scallop Shell necklace for a total of $115- and that's NOT bad for a nicely-crafted piece from Helen Ficalora! I've always been a big fan of her jewelry and recently I very lucky girl and scored my own necklace like this one pictured above! 

In addition to being able to score her jewelry online at you can score her awesome pieces in-store at one of her 6 locations spread throughout the US: New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, Bridgehampton, and Palm Beach. She has become very popular with celebs and many of them wear her items as well, but with more things offered at lower price-points in Sterling Silver for example, she's able to offer her fantastic quality at affordable pricing for everyone :)

This necklace in particular- with it's Small Scallop Shell charm, is just the embodiment of Summer and reminds me of the beach :) As I am quite far away from one, it's nice to have something that's reminiscent of the season even if I can't feel the sand between my toes! It turns out that even since I've gotten it in fact, I've worn it every day! I'm glad that even though our summers here may be a tad bit long, I'll have an excuse to wear it a little more too!

There are other adorable charms- a Bee, Butterfly, a heart, star, pretzel, and a few others that are all equally as cute! This would be an excellent gift for a woman of any age and I'm sure a teenage girl would LOVE these as well- they have so much personality and are a lot of FUN :) Helen Ficalora takes a lot of time and care too in all that she does and I noticed that too when the necklace arrived! It was nicely packaged with an outside matching pink box and gold ribbon that was hand-tied with care. The secondary box contained inside was HF signature pink as well and closes with a button clasp; it displays the jewelry well too. 


Hands down the best helper when it comes to fighting the dreaded "makeup melt"! Summer is definitely the season of fun, but that doesn't mean that all the heat and humidity has to eliminate the possibility of wearing makeup and skincare products. This product is absolutely perfect for Summer and really I use it all year round as it's such an awesome finishing spray. If you want your makeup to stay put in under any condition, this is DEF the way to go!!!


I know there are a little on the splurge side and I wouldn't normally spend this much on sandals- but I do LOVE Tory Burch accessories and I've been fortunate to score a couple of her pieces over the years...they are excellent quality and will last the test of time. The blue is easy on the eye and represents the Summer season perfectly!


I really like the spray-on application method for sunscreen and the Organic approach set this one apart from a lot of others for me! It has NO scent either, which I love and also have found equally difficult to locate a product without a fragrance as this one does. If you have sensitive skin or want to avoid the sometimes overwhelming smells that sunscreens can yield, this is the perfect product for you. This sunscreen would be excellent for anyone really of all ages, as it's easy to put on- basically fool-proof and without all the harsh ingredients and scents many sunscreens contain!

Best Adrafinil


Hourglass really knows how to nail it when it comes to bronzer and I was pleasantly surprised at how well this color blended and looked on my super light-toned skin- without making me look orange :) It lasts all day and doesn't change colors on your with wear, as the day goes on. It's a little on the pricier side than I would normally fork over for a bronzer, however I was very glad I took the chance on this one- it turned out to be beautiful.

There is another option in luminous Bronze Light - for medium to deep complexions as well, but there are ONLY 2 total options to choose from. This might be a slight draw-back, but the 2 color choices were created well and I think they will work for most people. I think the best part about this product is that it lets you have the beautiful golden look without: causing damage to your skin by constant sun exposure, tanning, or the downside to more permanent bronzers that could cause discoloration or streaking :0


This is one my FAV fragrances for the summer and it's a perfect representation of the season with Citrus and Rose scents! It's a powerful scent that drifts off nicely to a pleasant fruity and flowering fragrance as the day goes on. I love the uniqueness of the bottle too, and the scent reminds me of a cross between a fresh floral arrangement and a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer's day :)


This is if probably MY FAV out of the ENTIRE list...BUT -yes it might be with a higher price point as well. I couldn't help myself though, as the bag was beyond stylish and perfect really for ANY season! That's the great thing about this bag- it's super versatile and can be taken to the beach, work, or for a day out at the park and it works all-year 'round too :) There's a timeless and classic appeal with superior quality and versatility to this tote that makes it worth the price! I'd consider this to be a "Splurge", but this awesome tote will get you past the summer months to really let you get good value from the purchase.