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I have really and truly just LOVED makeup since I was a little girl and often tried to sneak into my mother's makeup to see what I could get into! That obsession only continued into my adult life and I decided to start making it my mission to improve my beauty and skincare routine. I started looking at organic products and natural items that also encourage less usage of the more harmful ingredients and toxins that are currently in a LOT of skincare and makeup products.

I myself have used them for many years, but it wasn't until I got old that I started paying real attention to what these products were composed of that I was putting on my skin every day! I was quite shocked when I started to see things like formaldehyde in my ingredients and it bothered me too. There was always perhaps the thought from time-to-time that what I was using on a daily basis in my skincare and makeup routine wasn't all that beneficial for me...in fact, the idea started to emerge that it was probably doing MORE harm than good :/

It might have been out of some fear and also partially little knowledge in the subject area, but I wasn't quite sure how to go about making those changes! My motto has always been, when in doubt- you must do some research!!! In my avid quest to find these ingredients, products, and brands that were better for me and were made with an organic or natural focus, I stumbled upon Sephora...


A girlfriend of mine who was as makeup and skincare obsessed as I was at the time, has mentioned to me a few times about this wonderful store she loved going to that "had everything you could think of" as she put it! Well I remembered that she'd mentioned this to me one day and struck up a conversation on the topic as I had become a little curious about what the store was about.

She described how it was really like "heaven" as it had all the awesome brands you were looking for, but could never find...great deals....knowledgeable clerks- you can even tried out things in-store! She went on about the wonderful extras she'd scored as well for just buying things there with her free membership card!

I decided this had to be a place to give a chance to and called her up one weekend to see if she was up for going. The place?!....it was Sephora! There's a fairly nice one in our area and at least a decently-sized location- I was hooked the second I walked in :) 


One thing I noticed right off the bat was the fantastic layout of the store: Sephora really knows how to put things together well and you can easily find what you're looking for...AND plenty of things you aren't necessarily looking for too! The associates really know about the products and can suggest products for you based on what your seeking or need.

If you aren't sure about committing to something just yet, they will actually put a small sample together for you for FREE to see if it's something you really want :) A huge amount of items are available to you to sample in-store as well which means you can try it out right then and there and that way you don't have to even bother with taking it home! 

As I continued to shop at the store, I learned about their rewards program that if completely FREE. When you spend $$$ in-store on online at sephora.com you rack up points that you can save up to spend on special items open to rewards members; there's even a couple of really nice kits you can score if you save up points for a bit. I managed to get to this level fairly quickly the first time in just a few months, as I frequently purchase skincare and beauty products. 

If you don't care to shop in-store that's okay as Sephora has thought of this too :) Their online store is fantastic and their are often times when they offer things online that aren't even offered in their store locations! Purchasing online still allows you to use your rewards membership with Sephora and their are usually really good online coupon codes that let you score additional goodies with your online order like: free samples, free shipping, and double member rewards points!

The extras don't stop there though! If you get to certain levels [VIB Rouge] within their free membership to their Beauty Insider's club, you gain free expert advise, insider product samples, and even a complimentary Custom and Mini Makeover! If you're a serious beauty addict, then this would DEF be the program for you. If you're going to spend good $$$ on beauty and skincare products, its nice to be rewarded for it  and Sephora really does an excellent job of doing that.

my recent sephora score:


* Buxom's pricing at Sephora.com !

I've really been wanting to get a new spring lipstick and I decided to try this one out as a sample with a recent purchase. This one came in a deluxe 3-pack sample and I ended up really liking the color! I'm not much of a fan for pinks, and this one is a little brighter than it appears in the tube. It's not as much of a sheer color as I was expecting, so if you prefer sheer-type lipsticks this one may not be for you.

You might be able to find a color more suitable out of the 12 shades Buxom's full-bodied lipstick line offers, but most of the colors do seem to have a brighter side of pinks, purples, and mauve bases. It has nice lasting power and you shouldn't find yourself having to apply many times throughout the day, but the formula could be less on the dry side.

I know that lipsticks can sometimes be a little drying- which is why I prefer lip glosses usually to lipsticks, but you can place a nice tinted or clear gloss on top of this product and it looks fabulous! Overall, I would definitely recommend giving this one a try, just based on the great colors offered in the line :) 

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