Want to Try a Hair Style that's Right on Trend for Spring & Summer? The Beauty Closet has You Covered with the Top 5 Sleek Hair Trends for Spring 2016 + Bonus Recommended Product from: La Bella

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These aren't always super easy to achieve and sometimes these looks don't translate into every day life, but I do love checking them out each new season to see what's in store :) Luckily, there are a few that I do seem to be able to give a try and accomplish; I thought that I would share a few of my fav new sleek hair styles and trends that are popping up on the runways and fashion shows for Spring and Summer. This season it's all about sleek, pulled back, and even "wet" styles that are wearable- and easy to achieve :) Check them out below!



1. Full-on Sleeked-back [can be parted in the middle/straight back]:

This look is beyond easy to achieve and perfect for those days when you have no idea what to do with your hair or it's needing to be washed. I've found that the easiest way to achieve this look is to apply a flat-iron to my hair and then part in the middle. I then apply a fairly generous amount of styling gel- starting at the center of my part and going down to about the top of my ear. You can use bobby pins to keep your back into place, but if you use the right amount of gel and of a decent quality then you might be able to skip the pins all together. Once I'm done applying my product, I usually take a fine-toothed comb and go through each section to ensure that the product is even throughout my hair. 

2. Sleeked-back bun or twist:

Another super easy style to accomplish and in under a couple of minutes. To get this look, I like pulling my hair back in a bun while my hair is still wet [after just washing & towel dried] and applying a gel or styling cream to the upper-half of my hair- starting at the roots. I then finish off this look by spritzing on a strong-hold, fine mist hair spray. 

3. Low Bun with Side-part & Simple Clip:

A great look for Spring and Summer, I'm a huge fan of this look. It's the right combination of pretty, trendy, and easy that makes this perfect for almost anyone to pull off :) You can get this one above by putting your hair in a bun [after parting on the side] at the top of your neck and leaving out a couple a strands/sections. Re-pin these left-out sections with bobby pins and a cute clip, like the one pictured above. 

4. Side Sleek Low-pony with braid or a twist:

Try getting the look pictured above by creating an extreme side-part and leaving out a section and then braiding or twisting. Use a cream or gel styling product to keep hair sleek and flat and place in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. This beautiful and easy trend looks great on almost anyone and takes under 15 mins!

5. Make it a style all your own with a mix!

Mix it up a bit and throw in a bit of beach waves with sections of sleek styled hair with hair gel or cream- add in a few random twists or braids to give it a unique spin. Tired of the same old bun? Go for the one pictured above in the middle: apply a styling gel to your pony tail and leave a smaller section out. Start pulling the pony through and stop short of completely pulling it past your elastic. Then take the upper section that you did not put in the ponytail and do the same thing you did with the ponytail and pull it partially through. Finish with styling cream and/or hair spray. 







I've used this gel for a few years now and La Bella has recently updated the look, but the formula is still the same awesome styling gel that I've always known :) If you're looking for some serious hold, then this is the product to go with. Not only will you save some major cash, but you're got a generous size for under $12 [ 22 oz.]- plenty to achieve all of the great looks pictured above!

The scent isn't annoying and the hold lasts all day. Unlike a lot of hair styling gels, this one won't flake and will tame frizz and fly-aways like a dream. You can spend tons of cash on the super expensive brands- or you can go for this styling gel from La Bella. Good for most hair types, you can apply this to wet or dry hair and it's alcohol-free formula makes this a win-win!


I’ve put gel in my hair for many more years than I wish to admit, and have tried many products. This one HOLDS hair well, and is NOT FLAKY, and has a decent (mild to non-existent) scent, and is very reasonably priced. I was disappointed to find that my local CVS no longer carries it, but am pleased to find that Amazon has it! I would highly recommend LaBella styling gel!
— Wise Shopper *amazon.com reviewer
...You get a very large amount for a very reasonable price. Works great on my fine hair. Highly recommend it to all women.
— PurpleC *walmart.com reviewer
I have curly hair, with waaaay too much body, and this is the only product that controls it. I’ve tried other gels, mousses, curl creams, and American Crew Fiber, and none of them can touch the hold of this gel. I have a mixture of 3a, 3b, and 3c type curls, with a lot of frizz. My hair is shoulder-length.
— Reader Girl *amazon.com reviewer

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