Want to Know More About Younique? Get the Inside Scoop Here at The Beauty Closet! Part 2: Younique Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner & Addiction Shadow Palette 1

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Just to catch you up a bit if you missed my previous post- this was supposed to be the 2nd part of a 2-part post on Younique...but I've decided to break it up a bit more ;) I couldn't resist and thought that I would share the last product all on it's own! Today, I'm going to review 2 of Younique's great products: Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner & Addiction Shadow Palette #1. As for the 3rd part in the series, there's a special product that's probably the item that Younique is best known for and I'll be putting that out on Monday. Make sure to be on the lookout for it ;) Check out the inside scoop below on the brow liner and shadow palette #1 from their Moodstruck collection!






I'm quite particular about brow pencils and have found many of them to fall short : / It seems that they end up looking "fake" or causing your brows to look "drawn-in". The results aren't as desirable as some of the other options for brow products like gel or powder applications applied with a stencil and/brush. Because of this, I tend to stray away from brown pencils. The downside to all of the alternatives though is that it's a bit more effort and an array of products to achieve your completed brow look. I was willing to give this one a try as I've heard about Younique's great quality and there is the occasional pencil that I end up liking :)

There are a couple of good qualities I discovered right off the bat: the pencil is self-sharpening and also has a double-ended feature- with a brow grooming brush on one end and the eye pencil on the other! When it comes to the shade, I'm a tad picky on that too and the "medium" shade from Younique works beautifully with my fair skin and red/blonde highlights :) Overall, I was very pleased with how well this filled in my brows and looked very natural- I also found it incredibly easy to use- without looking like they were shaped with a pencil!

This eyebrow pencil has excellent lasting power as well and I noticed that it lasted well throughout the day without having to touch them up. I'd have to recommend this one for any gal looking for a good quality eye pencil that's an easy all-in-one option, making anyone a brow maven :) There are 3 available shades to match most skin tones/hair shades. You will definitely LOVE this Younique Precision Brow Liner. 




• Elated—Matte Nude • Sincere—Metallic Beige • Brassy—Shimmer Golden Copper • Chipper—Matte Milk Chocolate • Swanky—Shimmery Antique Gold • Forthright—Matte Dark Cho

{from left to right}

If there'a a new eye shadow palette on the scene- I'm usually there to see what it's about, so I was excited to see what Younique had in store when I snagged their Palette 1. This palette features an array of warm shades of peaches and browns, with 3 shades that have a bit of pearlescent shimmer to them.

The remaining 4 colors in the palette have a matte finish and are great from blending and layering the shimmery shades, in addition to creating an excellent base for a variety of pretty looks. As for the case, it's well-designed with a magnetic closure mechanism and a built-in mirror. There's no chalky feel and the silky, blendable power of Younique's shadows make this palette one of my new fav's :)

If neutrals aren't one of your preferences, there are 2 other great other options as well: pallete #2 & #3.  The 2nd palette features shades of black & silver, while palette #3 contains a range of pinks & purples. Worried about gluten, parabens, latex PABA, & BPA? Have no fear- Younique has you covered here too- their eye shadow palettes are formulated without ALL of these ingredients :) 

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