Looking for Awesome Lashes? Use These 5 Easy Tips for the Perfect Lashes from The Beauty Closet + Bonus Recommended Product Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

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  1. Start with conditioning lashes well: there are several ways that you can do this and I've found that one of the easiest ways is to use Petroleum jelly- I like using a mascara wand to apply this, but you could do it with your fingers and then use a lash comb to evenly distribute it throughout all of your lashes. 
  2. Prep your lashes the night before :0 I know this sounds a bit out of the norm, but it's actually a great technique- AND it works ;) Try a conditioning treatment or lash growth treatment that will deeply condition lashes overnight. Apply the product before bed and wash off in the am. when you're getting up for the day. 
  3. Boost your eye lash's natural growth and health power with the right diet: try foods that are high in protein and Vitamin A like milk, eggs, fish, soy, yellowish/orange fruits. 
  4. Give them a rest! Avoid constantly rubbing your eyes as this tends to cause lashes to break and fall out :/ If you do utilize a lash curler, ensure that your lashes are well conditioned beforehand.
  5.  Use a quality eye lash product that doesn't cause more harm than good! Not only do many of the "falsies" out there cause harm to your lashes, the constant tugging and glue used to hold them in place can do more damage than their worth. It's better to go with an awesome eye lash enhancement product that will do that job- without the false eye lashes :) Seeking a great mascara that will do this? Get the lowdown below with The Beauty Closet's Younique Part III post below!






I've tried the gamut of lash enhancing products and mascaras out there and I admit I might have paid a bit more than the above price for quite a few of them...only to discover that they didn't deliver the results they promised :( Besides being a bummer, many of these products just don't work at all- or if they do, they're lack-luster by the end of the day. You end up with flaking and lashes that don't look all that great by the day's end! I was immediately impressed with this product from Younique though- right from the start.

It comes uniquely boxed and carefully packed, in it's own cloth pouch that has a snap closure. Inside the pouch, you'll find the system that Younique has created and it's not really like any I've seen before. There are 2 products provided- each with their own wand and see-through side windows. One product contains the "lash fibers" and the other is called a "transplanting gel"; this gel is applied to your lashes first and then followed by an application of the fibers. The key to this step is to immediately follow this after putting on the transplanting gel and do not yet allow it to dry.

Once the fibers are in place, go through your lashes again with the transplanting gel. You can continue to do this process until you have the desired length and fullness- I would advise to start with 2 times of going through the 3 steps and then seeing if you'll want to go further. The nice thing about this product though is that since it's of a decent quality, you can get away with just doing the entire process only once and your lashes will look fabulous. I found that this product gave me a lot more length AND fullness than any other product that I've tried in the past.

To finish off my awesome lashes, I like to curl mine after I've done the 3 steps at least twice and then going through them with a lash comb- then I curl them again about 10 mins later [after I feel as though they've completely dried] and brush through with a lash comb a 2nd time. They look so natural but voluminous and beautiful- I really LOVE the way this product makes my lashes look. That's really an accomplishment too, considering that I wasn't exactly blessed in that department- but with this product my lashes look like they are naturally full and gorgeous ;)

The reason why this product actually works is because it doesn't take the conventional approach that most other brands out there- most use a creamy/liquid formula that just coats your lashes, clumps, and then flakes once it's dried. They don't always coat lashes evenly either and can end up drying out your lashes and causing them to break and become brittle :0 Not 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique- this product is nothing like the typical mascaras out there and that's because it isn't mascara at all.

This product is in a class all it's own ladies and it's worth a try! I'd say that the only drawbacks would be it's price-point; at just under $30, this is a bit higher than many might want to spend on a lash enhancement item. I can however attest to it's awesome effectiveness, making it worth the price. The other drawback is that it currently only comes in one shade/color and that's the basic black shade- I'm hoping that they will be able to produce a bright fun shade or a more natural black-brown that allows for a different look. I will say though that this didn't seem to make much of a difference since the product's effectiveness and quality outweighed this for me. 



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