Style Your Hair in a Snap Without Clips or Bobby Pins with The Beauty Closet's Recommended Hair Tool of the Month: Invisibobble

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I've used hair ties for many years and I've had the struggles that most of us experience- they leave marks or bumps in your hair, break and damage your hair, get knotted or twisted, stuck in your hair, or even snap and break [ouch!]. Of course I've continued to use them because...well- there wasn't really an alternative. I've run into some here and there, but they always seemed to fall very short from their goal and were just more trouble than they were worth.

I used them because it's an easy way to give my hair a quick styling or I'm just trying to keep my thick hair off of my neck during the warmer months. Living in Texas has its advantages, but living here during the summer is not one of them :/ We get at least a couple of months straight of nothing but 100 degree + weather and that means I end up putting up my hair quite a bit just to get it out of the way and keep cool!

Unfortunately, these hair ties result in absolute havoc on my hair :( As a beauty-obsessed gal though, I'm always on the hunt for: new approaches, products, & tools. If there's one thing I've learned about life in general, it's to be persistent ;) Which is why I'm very excited to share with all of you today one of the newest hair tools that I've come across that solves all of the above problems and it's super affordable too! Get the inside scoop on Invisibobble below!



power, original, & nano

[ "candy pink", "true black", & "to be or nude to be" ]


I absolutely fell in LOVE with this product from the moment I discovered it and you will too- plus your scalp, head, and hair will thank you ;) Not only do these provide excellent hold and structure for almost any up-do, but they don't hurt your head and your hair! I noticed that I didn't get headaches that I sometimes get from putting my hair up all day long and they don't leave the tale-tale crease on my hair as the normal hair ties always do.

They're crafted out of a unique anti-allergenic & water-repellent resin that makes them great candidates for those with a super sensitive scalp/skin. You don't loose grip on your hair with these either- which is something that I seemed to constantly do with the old method of putting my hair up. Hair ties just got in the way and didn't keep my hair up- these stay put and don't hurt and that makes them a huge win in my book :)

Plus, at this affordable pricing, you can afford to snag one of each color and size too! Invisibobble has come up with 3 sizes: Nano, Original, and Power [from smallest to largest] and they don't go over $9 for any of the collections that come packaged with 3 in each set. The Nano and Power collections currently are only offered in 4 different shades, but there are quite a few options [including some limited edition colors that come out seasonally] in the Original collection that I'm sure you will be able to find at least a couple of colors you loved. Want to go completely "invisible"?- you can with Invisibobble's clear option that is offered in every size :)

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