Looking for an All-Natural, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free Deodorant that Works? The Beauty Closet Recommends: Schmidt's Bergamot*Lime Natural Deodorant

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There are some pros and cons of using natural deodorant and if you have ever given one of them a try- you might perhaps understand what I'm getting at. If you haven't tried a natural or organic deodorant alternative I can attest to the fact that they work- IF they're a quality natural deodorant and there isn't overkill when it comes to the added fragrance [or it's made with none at all!] or baking soda.This is important- especially those that have sensitive skin as natural deodorizing alternatives can do this and have the tendency if curated with a high content of baking soda and other natural ingredients.

I've come across some that seem to do okay in not irritating my skin, but they don't really seem to work either :/ Luckily though, there are a few brands out there that have managed to get the formula, quality, & effectiveness right- plus there are some options that are super affordable as well. Take my Recommended product today from Schmidt's - this product is inexpensive and takes the natural approach, while raising the bar on deodorant :) Learn more about it below!









One thing that I really like about Schmidt's is that they have choices- there are several great scents to choose from, in addition to the option of utilizing the traditional stick or going for their jar. There is the downside to the jar in that you will have to end up using your fingers in the process- I would go with the usual stick if this is something that you don't see yourself doing on a daily basis.

I found that I didn't mind it all and don't really miss the usual stick I was using before I found this product from Schmidt's. Their scents are all incredible and smell fantastic- the Bergamot + Lime that I'm recommending today is a great choice that is a unisex scent and it will smell good on most anyone. It's not overbearing and has just the right hint of Lime that makes it a really nice & light scent- good for Spring & Summer! :)

The best part? This natural deodorant actually works AND it doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. This awesome product doesn't cost tons of cash either, making it one of the top natural deodorant's on my list!

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