Need to Touch Up Your Roots Between Salon Visits? The Beauty Closet Recommends: EVERPRO Gray Away

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Many my feel my pain when I say that it's something I wish I honestly didn't have to spend as much money on as I do- periodic salon trips. Now I also admit that I'd probably even go more often than I currently do, but I have other things that are more important to spend my money on these days with an impending graduation and a step-son in high school. That being said, when I do manage to make it out to my hair stylist- I usually plunk down $200 +! :0 Do this a few times a year even, and you see how it adds up quickly :/  

There have been quite a few studies on how much women spend a year on cuts, styling, and coloring with an average of around $1,000 yearly! If there's anything out there that helps in extending the time between these costly trips, I'm all about checking it out. That's why I've made several adjustments to my hair care routine over the recent years, including color-extending products and heat-protecting styling products that aid in preventing color loss.

You can also try products that offer up in touching up roots that are starting to show and this might by you some time too! I recently came across a great product that does just this- without all of the mess or multiple steps to achieve a truly natural look. Get the lowdown below, on EVERPRO's Gray Away!



GRAY away

root touch-up magnetic powder "light brown"



If you've been seeking a root-touch up product that can extend the time between salon trips or you'd just like to hit a bit of grey, this is an excellent product. Not only is it super affordable, but the ingenious method of no-mess application makes this a no-brainer :) The compact contains the powder on top and the sponge applicator on the bottom; the bottom portion that contains the soft sponge, snaps securely in place.

There's a cute pink ribbon sitting atop the compact and this can be used to pop open the lid to access the product and also utilize the provided mirror that's inside the top. This means that you can apply this product anywhere and anytime :) I'm really into "fool-proof" methods that work and this product will do the job of covering up receding color and/or gray- with little effort!

Your hair won't feel "icky" or gross after using Gray Away and it easily washes out with regular shampooing. There are 3 shades that each offer up a self-adjusting color technology that will blend with most hair colors as well. The product works well because it actually binds along each hair strand like a magnet and stays in place. For around $10, this is one that I highly recommend!

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