Want to Keep Your Hair Style Looking Fresh While On-the-go? The Beauty Closet Has You Covered With The Top Hair Care Product You Need for Spring from: unwash Dry Cleanser

by Christina


It seems that I've become very busy over the past couple of years and that means that I've had to spend less time on things that just aren't a necessity....this also leaves my hair and makeup in a lackluster periodically. I don't mind spending as much time as I used to on getting ready, but if there's ever something that comes along that keeps me looking great AND doesn't take tons of time- then I'm definitely into seeing what it's about ;)

One of my FAV items is dry hair spray- this awesome hair care invention will not only rejuvenate hair, but it makes it manageable for a variety of styles. It's also a great way to freshen hair throughout the day too! There's one that's popped up on my radar as of late and I thought I would share a little bit about it today. Want to know more? Check it out below!






This is a wonderful product and one the BEST dry shampoo approaches I've come across! The can is uniquely designed with an item that you can be proud to leave lying around :) The spray nozzle is also well-made and this allows for the perfect fine mist to be evenly dispersed . As for the scent- it's fantastic and light, with just the right mix of fragrance that makes your hair smell great! It dries almost as soon as it's applied and is a good choice to take with you on trips or just on-the-go! You won't get any residue or icky feeling with Unwash either, making this a quality item. If your hair is going on a 2nd-day wash, this will absorb oil & re-freshen it in a snap!

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