The Beauty Closet's Top Crimped Hairstyles for Spring 2016 + Bonus Recommended Product Review From: Bed Head

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Yes....there was a time when some of crimped our hair "back-in-the-day"....I admit to being one of the first "in line" to try this cool hair styling method by snagging an iron for myself. I had saved up baby-sitting money the entire Summer- just so I could purchase one right before the start of the school year. I wanted to proudly show off my new hair style for the first day of school and it was to my great surprise [and dismay!] that I wasn't the only one who had the same idea, when the day finally did come. Crimping became a frequent past-time with girl-friends, as we loved styling one another's hair with the crimper on sleep-overs :)

But it was gone before long and the hair trend quickly disappeared, as hair styles often do. So where did hair crimping and this nifty hair tool even originate from? After doing a bit of a research, it appears to have been invented for styling Barbra Streisand's hair by one of the original founders of Sebastian- Geri Cusenza. Geri first utilized the approach of braiding super tiny & redundant braids throughout Streisand's hair and the loosening them, in order to provide the unique crimped style.

Barbra's brother-in-law was also an engineer and with his help, Cusenza was able to create the world's first prototype of a crimping iron. It was from this creation and the following New York trade show that showcased this unique hair styling tool, that Sebastian International was born. Since the mid- 80's, crimping has become popular about every 10 years or so, which is why it's no surprise that it's made a recent come-back! 

The Beauty Closet's Top Spring 2016 Crimped Hair Styles:


This is a super easy style to achieve- go for ultra fine & tiny crimps all throughout. Sweep up crimped hair into a loose bun, leaving a few sections super loose or out of the bun all together. Then take these few remaining sections and re-crimp them and then use bobby pins to put into place [or leave them free & use a strong-hold hair spray to freeze into place]. I love the romantic & eclectic vibe of the above pictured style :)


This is a twist on the low-pony trends we've been seeing this year for Fall & Winter- now the crimped versions are being spotted on many run-ways for Spring/Summer. Take Small, random sections of hair and crimp from  roots to ends and then place hair in a loose & low ponytail. I found this to be a super easy hair style that anyone can achieve and it's great for those bad hair days when you have no idea what to do with your hair ;) 


The 3 styles pictured above all feature a twist on the previously mentioned crimped hair trends for 2016. To get the look pictured on the far left, try crimping the lower-quarter of your hair. Leave the rest of your hair straight [or flat-iron this section] and then tease a bit to give added volume.

As for the style pictured in the middle, you can achieve this by flat-ironing the upper half portion of your hair and then slicking back with pomade or styling gel; then crimp the remaining portion of your hair and follow with styling pomade/gel.

The last look that's shown above on the far right, is very easy to do. Crimp all of your hair and start about a 1/4 of the way down from your scalp. You don't want to concentrate your crimping and instead space it out quite a bit and then brush through, once you've completed all the crimping your will do.

The Beauty Closet Recommends:


Bed Head

Power Lift

1/2" Purple Haze Mini Ceramic Crimper


I've seen a few versions of Bed Head's mini ceramic tools before, but this one's been updated a bit :) The brand recently launched a new collection of mini hair tools and they offer up a lot of power in half the size! This means that you can take any of of the 3 mini irons with you on-the-go for touch-ups and trips/getaways. Each of the irons also have Ceramic Technology that will heat up to 400 degrees (F) and includes a drawstring heat-resistant pouch.

I don't have this pictured above, but it's a felt-like material that's the same shape as the above pictured purple pouch and it fits right inside for easy storage. It only takes about 30 secs. for the tool to heat up and you're good to go.

There aren't any heat settings on this model, but I didn't really mind considering that the tool is around $20. What is great though, is that it's tiny enough to take with you and doesn't take up tons of room when packing for a trip either. I found it very easy to use and great for adding a bit of style to my hair when I'm in a bit of hurry getting ready to get to class and don't have tons of time :)

Bed Head's Attitude Overhaul & Electric Green Mini Ceramic Straighteners are also great options in this new collection- if crimping your hair isn't your thing. The Electric Green straightener is a 1/2" version of their larger straightener and it's perfect for roots, bangs, & ends- plus great for touch-ups too! As for the Pinkaholic Mini Ceramic Straightener, it features a 1" plates that are ideal for those with thicker &/or longer hair types. Both of these options are priced at $19.99, making this collection ultra-affordable :) 


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