Have You Been on the Hunt for a Quality Korean Skincare Line? Look no Further! The Beauty Closet Recommends: Sulwhasoo

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Sulwhasoo = Korean Skin Wellness


This unique Korean Skincare brand has a firm commitment to Korean Herbal Medicine and was founded by Suh Sung-whan. His mother owned a Camellia Oil business and it was during this time in his childhood that he mastered the necessary know-how to discover quality ingredients. As someone who also believes in the healing properties of Korean Medicinal herbs, Suh Sung-whan has dedicated his life to finding new & innovative approaches to using these same herbs in skincare. Out of this dedication, Sulwhasoo was born!

It's the first science-based Korean luxury medicinal skincare line that was developed with the assistance of the Kyunghee University of Oriental Medicine. This high-quality brand has been around since 1967, but did not make its debut here in the U.S. until 2010. Currently, Sulwhasoo now offers up a wide variety of products here in North America- ranging from masks to spot treatment serums! Get the lowdown on their Clarifying Mask below:

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Clarifying Mask


I'm a BIG fan of Korean Skincare lines and it's mostly due to their quality. I'm usually impressed with the extra care and attention that I often find in their products. Sulwhasoo really outdid themselves with this product and I HIGHLY recommend this one for almost any skin type or age. Not only is it effective, but it will leave your skin looking and feeling years younger. I noticed an immediate improvement with just the first time that I used this mask and I could feel the tingly sensation of almost every pore after I removed the mask.

Now let me first advise: you'll need some time to do this one- up to 30 mins. max. For this reason, I would save this for when you'll have time to commit to being able to leave the product on for at least 10-15 minutes. The directions do advise you to do this and I found it to work best when you allow the mask to fully dry and penetrate your pores-plus it makes it easier to remove as well.

As for the color of the mask- don't let it put you off as it's an unusual brownish-tint to it...I admit it looks a bit odd BUT this is due in part to the herbs & other natural ingredients formulated in the product [i.e. Solomonseal Powder, honey, etc.]. There is a fragrance to the Clarifying Mask, but it's pleasant and doesn't annoy. Once it's been at least 10 minutes and long enough for the mask to dry out, you can begin pulling the mask off.

It's fairly easy to peel as well and I found that I could generally pull off a large section at a time with little effort. You will see and notice the difference as soon as you begin to peel off the mask and your skin will pleasantly tingle slightly after each application. I love how tight my skin feels and how health and smooth it becomes with each use- this is DEF my fav new Clarifying Mask = LOVE!

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