Seeking a Top-Notch Korean Skincare Brand? Look no More! The Beauty Closet Recommends: Sulwhasoo

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Sulwhasoo: Part II

Yesterday, I introduced my FAV new Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo and I couldn't wait to share with all of you today, the lowdown on another one of their fantastic products- the Snowise Ex Brightening Mask. {Find out more about this awesome product below!} What I really like about Sulwhasoo is that they use actual scientific research in order to curate their products; only the finest & best natural ingredients are selected to create quality skincare products for a wide variety of skincare concerns.

In fact, ALL of Sulwhasoo's ingredients are derived from Korea and raised through a very meticulous process to ensure excellent, ideal conditions. The brand has also completed research on the effects of Ginseng and its: leaves, fruits, stems, & roots. Some of the brands' other fav ingredients include: Solomonseal (pictured above), Rehmannia, White Lily, Chinese Peony, and East Indian Lotus. Sulwhasoo has received various "shout-outs" in several publications like Lucky, Elle, New Beauty and received an award [for their Perfecting Cushion product] this past Summer for the Beauty Innovator Award from Refinery29.

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Snowise EX Brightening Mask


[Box of 10 Sheets]

I've not yet used a mask of this type until I tried this one from Sulwhasoo and I fell in LOVE immediately! :) This fantastic mask is crafted out of a unique material that has well-placed cut slots that allow for the mask to fit any face size. After peeling off the gauze-like layer, I was able to easily to place & adjust the mask so that it properly covered the entire area of my face -except for around my nostrils, eyes, and mouth.

There are cut-outs for these areas so that you can breath and see- although I would strongly suggest just laying down for the remainder of time that you need to let the product fully absorb into the skin. The provided instructions state that you should allow for anywhere from 10-20 minutes before removing it and I decided to go for mid-range and stuck with about 15 minutes. Once I had the mask applied, I chose to lay on my back and put some headphones in- listening to a bit of music and relaxing while the mask did its work ;)

You don't have to wash the product off once you remove the mask and you can gently massage any of the serum that's left behind. I decided to go with a damp wash cloth and dabbed in areas of excess and then also around my hairline; I then followed those same areas again with my fingertips and lightly dabbed any product remaining, into my skin.

The results are immediate and you can see how healthy, glowing, and luminous your skin looks after just one usage :0 You can feel the difference as well- mine felt super soft and moisturized and just looked fab...I really don't think I've seen my skin look this fantastic in a long time. If you've been on the hunt for a great Korean skincare brand or have just been looking to bring back your skin's glow- this is THE product to try. 


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