Did You Know that Scar Tissue is Very Susceptible to the Sun's Harmful Rays? The Beauty Closet Has You Covered! + Bonus Recommended Product from: dermaflage

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Although most of us are aware of the dangers to our skin when it comes to the Sun, what you may not know is that scar tissue is particularly susceptible to this damage. If the scar is exposed to continual direct sunlight or a tanning bed, it can burn at a faster rate than that of healthier skin- leaving behind skin discoloration and permanent darkening of the area :/

There's also a downside if the scar is recent as it can affect how well the scar heals as well. To avoid this, stick with a product that contains at least an SPF of at least 15+ and apply often- several times a day. Luckily, there's a product out there that not only provides great SPF protection, but it's also been created just for scars! Want to know more?! Find out below about The Beauty Closet's Recommended product from Dermaflage!

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ScarScreen SPF 30


If you haven't heard of Dermaflage, I wanted to share a little bit about them as well. They are the creators of a topical perfecting filler used by medical and make-up professionals that will conceal even the most difficult of scars to hide. It used to be available in places like Hollywood sets, but it's now possible to snag some for yourself at dermaflage.com [$65].

The Dermaflage starter kit comes with 2 different tones and application tools and they've even come out with a Worryless Starter Kit [$60] that contains all that you need to conceal frown lines. This kit will also fill frown lines and comes with tools for application and 2 different tones as well. Dermaflage has come out with a product that's great for protecting scars too {pictured above} and it's also a good sunscreen for those with sensitive skin, like myself.

With an SPF of 30, no fragrance or synthetic chemicals, and hypoallergenic- this is a product that works well for almost ANY skin type and especially ideal for individuals who've just had surgery. ScarScreen is formulated to work well with Dermaflage's Topical Filler too :)

I absolutely LOVE that this sunscreen doesn't contain the usual terrible ingredients you find in most similar products AND it's sans the usual and often annoying scent that many sun protection products have. It's not greasy either- so it won't leave your skin feeling oily and it won't cause you to break out. This is probably one of the best sunscreens that I've come across!

Scars VANISH instantly with Dermaflage

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