Get the Perfect Hair that's Ready for Spring with The Beauty Closet's Recommended Hair Care Products from éprouvage: Reparative Treatment Masque & Restorative Scalp Serum

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Want to get your hair ready for Spring? Your scalp can become dry and your hair brittle & dull, but there's an easy way to take care of these issues in a snap ;) To get my hair Spring & Summer ready, I like to snag a good quality scalp treatment or serum and follow with a deep-penetrating masque or treatment for my hair. This 2-step process will treat my scalp by restoring its hydration and my distressed hair is repaired and revitalized.

The results? Hair that's shiny, strong, and ready for whatever the upcoming seasons have to throw at it :) Another good thing about the approach of this 2-step system, is that it's affordable as well. Make sure to check out my top 2 product picks below from Eprouvage and you can achieve Spring-ready hair too!

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This all-important step in my process for getting my hair ready for spring is definitely the key! Your hair tends to get lifeless and dull over the fall and winter, with your hair showing some serious signs of needing a little "tlc" by the time the spring rolls around. Eprouvage has this treatment masque right on the money- in both price point and in quality :)

You get a generous 8oz. size for under $20 and this product isn't full of unattractive ingredients. For starters, there aren't any Parabens, sulfates, or glutens to speak of! There ARE however, some awesomely good ingredients- like: Coconut Oil, Sequoia Extract, Blue Lily Extract, Sessile Oak Extract, Rice Proteins, Collagen [hydrolyzed], and Soy Proteins. I have to admit that this hair treatment masque is at the top of my list for top-notch hair care products and you can look and feel the difference in your hair, after just one usage with this treatment!

It smells fantastic too, with a non-annoying scent and a light, whipped texture. I love using this treatment up to twice weekly and for up to 5 minutes- after I have washed and conditioned my hair. You will notice how healthy, strong, and soft your hair becomes- especially with a couple of weeks of 2-4 total applications. 




Now when it comes to the 2nd item in my 2-step process for gearing my hair up for Spring, you can't leave out this product! Your scalp needs extra care- especially after the harsh environment of the winter has taken its toll, leaving your scalp itchy, dry, and unhealthy. You can zap that issue and stop it in it's tracks with Eprouvage's Restorative Scalp Serum.

This unique product deeply penetrates your scalp to repair and rejuvenate and your hair will look and feel fabulous as a result :) A seriously hydrating formula that's curated without Sulfates, Parabens, and Glutens- this awesome product is really the powerhouse it promises.

What does it contain? Plenty of natural ingredients that your scalp and hair will thank you for: Rice Proteins, Sequoia Extract, Green Tea Extract, Lavender Oil, French Oak Extract, Larch Extract, and Zinc. You'll want to apply this product once you've either towel-dried your hair or let it air dry about 25% and then section up your hair into 4 separate parts. Then take the dropper out of the bottle and apply a drop into each section  of your scalp and then massage in.

I like to also flip my head over at this point and lightly run my fingers through all of my hair from roots to the ends of my hair- this will ensure even and thorough distribution. This is a great product for any hair type and I highly recommend this one!

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